Interview with Grumble Bee

I usually have music TV on as background noise, merely a soundtrack to my day of working from home. But occasionally a song will play that will stir you to look up from you laptop, and glue your eyes to the screen until the channel tells you who it’s by.  Skywriter by Grumble Bee created this welcome work interruption. Such a powerful song performed with such passion…and THAT voice! 

Thanks to Kerrang! TV 23 year old Jack Bennett was now on my radar.  After that I noticed his name coming up regaulrly within the industry. He is certainly creating a buzz….

My day at Slam Dunk Hatfield was very last minute but I was very happy I got a few minutes to sit down and natter with the multi instrumentalist. He has always been a very self sufficient musician, creating and producing all the sounds featured on his tracks, getting the songs out there, and even creating his own lyric videos for YouTube. I wanted to know how he is adapting to his growing success, particuarly as it means there are more people involved in the whole process. How does someone like him deal with relinquishing control?  

Watch the video to find out….What a pleasure to sit down with someone so clearly loving and embracing every minute of his journey, with emphasis so clearly on the right thing….the music.

Make sure you check out his EP Disconnect out now. This guy is destined for big things.

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