Yesterday I had a fantastic day of dancing to disco at Fold Festival at Fulham Palace. I was lucky enough to have a photo pass so decided to go nuts on taking pictures. It’s always funny when you edit the hundreds of pictures you take and ask others for opinions. Some people want perfectly crisp shots with traditional composition, others like the ones that give a feeling of movement, some prefer black white, others prefer vibrant with colour. I often find myself loving the ones that are blurred, out of focus, but portray an energy. Anyway, for that reason I’m posting oodles of my shots of Nile Rodgers and Chic so there’s something for everyone (hopefully). I’m going to do a write up on the festival as a whole soon, but let me just tell you that watching/listening to Chic was an incredibly joyful way to spend a Saturday, and I defy anyone not to have a good time in their company.

If anyone who finds this page would like to us any of the images PLEASE contact me on to sort it out. 

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