When I am having one of those kind of weeks that is so hectic I question whether I have maintained my marbles, I force myself upon nature to in an attempt to reset. Even if I don’t really have time for it, I allow myself an hour or so to escape to some sort of location that would befit a hobbit, to at least try and zone out of the choaos and stress…it also serves as a much needed reminder that the world is pretty swell at times. 

My current favourite location, one which delivers that Men In Black style memory loss is Bushy Park, which is just a few minutes drive away from where I live. 

This weekend was so hectic I was finding myself having to change clothes in shop changing rooms and pub toilets. In short it was a logistical and wardrobe nightmare.

So after a very Ra Ra day at the polo with Jacques Vert I met up with Si and the gang to watch their show at Camden Rocks. Si had to head somewhere else after the show to drop of the equipement, but then drive to mine so that he would be the transport for the next day to go and see his mum (I don’t have a car) – he finally got in to bed in the early hours of the morning. We knew we should use this rare day off to see his lovely Mum, who lives on her own in Burnham, and who very much deserved a nice day out as she works so very hard all week.

For the last few weeks, as Si’s work has intensified due to the release of the first single from their next album, we’ve strruggled to make quality time together. I’ve had to make the most of seeing him in festival and gig settings where you have very little time to yourself to properly catch up and have real conversations. As it was a beautiful day yesterday we decided to get up and head to Bushy park just so we got an hour or two of time together where we could put the world to rights, and natter about the ups and downs of the last few weeks in our separate and combined lives. Although it was busy with families having picnics and couples sunbathing and showing off their t-shirt suntans, it still felt an escape. Everyone was smiling and looking relaxed which is a stark comparision to the expressions we see and vibes we feel in the locations we have found ourselves in lately. 

It was the perfect remedy for the relentless conveyer belt of activity we’ve been on. We could feel everything loosen and unwind, and found our conversations go from hopeless and anxious to positive and determined. Anyhoo, enough of me banging on about the restoritive capabilities of walks and nature. In short we had a lovely morning in Bushy with our deer old friends….get it??






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  1. June 6, 2016 / 12:27 pm

    These photos are beautiful! The lighting and the deer make them look really magical! 🙂

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