I’m finding it really hard to write or talk at the moment, my brain fog is at a level where I have an inability to translate my thoughts and opinions into easily digestable spoken or written words. So today’s post will be brief and dedicated purely to the aesthetic of these images. 

Yesterday I went for a walk with me dear ma, who kindly obliged in helping me take some outfit pictures. I always feel an intense guilt if I don’t do some form of work if I take some time out of my working day and leave my laptop. 

I wore my favourite new long sleeve from Zara, emblazoned with my dearest and still greatly missed Bowie. I really dig the tomboy/sporty vibe of the design and shape, and it serves as a lovely antidote to the tight or cropped tops that we are constantly told we should be wearing at this time of year. It will probably be my new go-to sloggy tops for those days I’m at home and just crave comfort. 

I wore it with my new cream distressed skinnies from H and M. I have a couple pairs of white jeans but after trying on these I decided I much prefer the muted colour of these, they feel a bit cooler somehow. 

To incorporate a further nod to the flamboyance of Ziggy, I put on my velvet ankle boots by Public Desire. I love the gold hardwear on the top. If Public Desire aren’t on your radar, you must visit their site now, you won’t believe the trend-lead bargains on offer. 

A vital ingredient of this look comes courtesy of the red lip created using Jenneration X from Jenn Im’s collection with Colourpop. 

So that’s about it from me today. Hopefully my brain will shift into gear soon. Till then, I hope you are all well….and everyone reading in the UK I hope you’ve utilised your right to vote today. 

Much love xx

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