As I hinted in my last post, things are pretty full on right now. You say yes to opportunities weeks in advance, not knowing how your schedule is going to shape up when the time finally arrives. The lovely ladies at Jacques Vert had invited me to Polo In The Park a few weeks ago and I jumped at the chance. I thought it would be the perfect antedote to the less glam rock festivals that were consuming the rest of my days at this time of the year. I had hoped I would bring my fella, so we could enjoy a swish date together, as it’s very rare we get time to do anything that involves getting dressed up all fancy. Si was very much looking forward to it too, particularly after I expressed that we would probably get to enjoy some lovely food and drink, but didn’t realise at that point that he would be detained in Camden, as he his band had secured the headline slot at Dingwalls.

I had promised to go to his gig and show my support as it is one of the band’s first ones in this new album campaign, so knew I’d have to make a dash from Polo in the Park to the venue in camden and find a pub loo to change in. This meant I’d have to attend the polo with a sizeable bag holding a change of clothes and overnight stuff – which would slightly hinder my ability to turn up to the event feeling chic and sleek. Luckily I had a lovely large gold bag by Jacques Vert (which you will ahve seen in a past blog post) which was big enough to carry all my gubbins while maintaining the right level of glam.

I’m not the only one being pulled in a million directions, Kelly’s work as an architectural model maker sends her all over the world and consumes way more than usual office hours. In an effort to make her journey to meet me at the polo a bit easier she opted to drive to Putney from her home in Couldson and get a bus from there. Unfortunatly the plan turned out to be a poor one and Kelly got stuck in horrendous traffic. Waiting at the entrance for 40 minutes did allow me some quality people watching time. It was fascinating to see the array of fashion sported by the polo attendees. There were the flesh barers, wearing cut-out or revealing dresses in bold block colours and floral prints. There were many in stripes, the majority opting for full skirted cotten dresses, some teamed with lovely straw hats. There were many opting for a more casual look with white jeans and shirts accessorized with designer sunglasses. The guys were making a conscious effort with their style as well, one guy bravely showcasing a union jack suit, and a large chunk sporting salmon on pink chinos or shirts. 

One of the most stylist males of the day was actually J.P from Made in Chelsea who kept it cool and understated with black and tan teamed with a beige fedora hat. He found the balance of being classic while making a statment.

After a somewhat stressful dash for Kelly, a drink was in order. We headed to one of the first tents we came to which was decorated with beautiful flowers and a had stunning pergola which was simply begging for an impromptu photoshoot. We had a quick catch up over our pink lemonades before exploring the site a bit more. Kelly and I don’t get to see eachother often enough so I didn’t want to get into full on blogger mode before we’d caught up on everything that has happened since our last chinwag. 

I would have usually had a massive flap about what I was going to wear ahead of an event like this. It is slightly out of my comfort zone and as someone that struggles to remain ladylike and composed in in heels and sophisticated garb I would have been at a bit of a loss about what the perfect ensemble would be.

Luckily the generous Jacques Vert team took the stress out of the process of getting ready and offered up a pick from their lovely selection of outerwear. There were oodles of lovely dresses and skirt and jacket combinations to choose from, but I decided to go for my first ever jumpsuit. Lots of my friends have been choosing jumpsuits over dresses for weddings recently, and I’ve envied how they’ve managed to create a look thats both dressy and effortless. It also seems a fairly sensible option considering the unpredictable nature of UK summers. 

We were VIP guests for the day, which meant we were allowed to tread a little red carpet leading to a tent offering up an endless supply of Pimms and absolutely delicious/instagram-worthy eats. I hadn’t realised Jacques Vert had a table allocated, the seats filled with other fashion bloggers looking resplendent in their Jacques Vert outfits.

Here is @Eat. Wear. Travel, @Teralatilan, @Whitney’s Wonderland

Kelly and I are big fans of the film Pretty Women so were extremely eager to recreate the scene at the polo where she presses in the divots – jeez, look how cheesy our faces our in the pictures. We were just hoping some creepy guy wasn’t going to whisper something inappropriate in our ears like poor Vivien.  Coincidently Jacques Vert Actually have a dress reminiscent of the brown and cream polka dot dress she wore in this part of the movie if you want to go a bit further with your reenactment.

 I have to admit that none of us were particularly aux fait with the rules of Polo, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Me and Kelly discretely shared that we were definitely not opposed to seeing the chaps in their tight white trousers – there’s definitely something about polo players. Although not in the same way, the horses were extremely handsome beasts, it was quite gauling to realise they were far better groomed than I was. I could learn a lot from them!

 With the lovely Tilly from Jacques Vert

 Just some of the lovely food catered to guests in the sponsors tent.

The stalls were quite different to what I am used to at the likes of Download and Reading…instead of tie dye pullovers, hoodies and cheap sunglasses, there were chandeliers, yachts, mink stoles and property….yes, actual houses!

 This board wasn’t getting much attention, but Kelly and I couldn’t resist.

 Don’t they all look beautiful! A shout- out also goes to Bonnie Rakhit, Lauren Teff, and Lucy Coleman who managed to avoid being snapped by me!

I felt extremely happy in my jumpsuit, it was nice to feel dress code appropriate but not have to worry about the wind exposing my granny pants. The loose leg also meant I could get away with wearing my most comfortable flat sandals, which was a massive bonus as a person completely inept at walking in heels.

 How fabulous did my friend Kelly look!

Thanks so much to Jacques Vert for having me, and how nice to meet some other blogging ladies – I can’t wait to catch up again soon!


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