I don’t like to overstate things, but this is my favourite new product I’ve tried this year, so this post may come across a bit gushy – I’ve warned you. A few weeks ago I attended a lovely event put on by the generous folk over at Pegasus PR. They were showcasing lots of their brands and products and allowing lucky blogger people like myself to get pampered and dolled up while getting clued up on the latest beauty news. 

One of their clients are Collection Cosmetics, who you will have seen a lot on this blog in recent months because they are on fire right now. Their new lip and brow products have already received a big thumbs up from me and become firm staples of my daily routine, featuring in a large chunk of my recent beauty and GRWM videos, so I was curious to see how this Precision Contouring Stick would stack up.

Let’s get the first impressions out of the way…As you can see from the image above its just a bit longer than the plam of your hand, so it’s a very handy (literally) size if you are someone that likes to have their make up basics in their handbags, or if you travel around a lot and don’t like bulky oversized products.  If you compare it to the size of a lot of the contour palettes you can buy, this certainly comes off better in terms of space management.

At the event a very glam and perfectly contoured make-up artist to the stars (I think she has tended to the cheeks of Cheryl in fact!) put the producs on my face to showcase it’s capabilities. I was instantly impressed with how quick and easy the process of making my flat face have dimension was to achieve.

It appeared to be extremely maleable and the colour worked very well alongside my skin tone. The Medium colour I was reccommended doesn’t have that greyish tone that many people seek out for  contour instead it has a warmth to it which I actually really like, particularly during these months when are faces are meant to have been graced with some sun.  It’s not that unatural organey tone though, it just looks like the shade my skin would be if it was slightly altered by summer.

It’s taken me a while to accept the make up phenomenom of contouring. Seeing all those extreme videos that showed people drawing all over their faces in all the different shades that are meant to do all sort of manipulating wonders, put me right off. It just seemed so extreme, and something way out of my fairly basic and minimal make up routine and skillset. But like most trends there’s adaptations and different levels and approaches, and I’ve managed to find a way of keeping up with the ‘done’ thing in beauty while not embracing to a level that isn’t me. My face can’t take a lot of make up, so the Kardashian level of glam is too much for me. However my a face is becoming increasingly similar to an old potato so it does benefit greatly from some subtle enhancements via the contour concept.


As well as applying to the cheeks and jawline, I particularly loved the effect it created when applying to the side of my forehead and hairline. It made my forehead look less like an IMAX cinema screen and the outline of warm brown just gave my face a healthy boost.

I’ve tried the product with a brush and with fingers and both work incredibly well. It’s ability to blend is frightfully good, it’s almost as though it was formulated so that ANYONE, even appallingly bad make up lovers like myself, could achieve a smooth and well blended sculpted cheek. It really is fool proof. I should know!

The great thing about a product that is soft, buttery, and blendable like this, is that it doesn’t move the foundation or concealer that may be underneath the product. No force is needed to turn the drawn on line into a darkened haze of contour so you don’t have to worry about shifting or moving the products underneath that may have been applied to cover blemishes or mask pores.  This has always been the difficulty for me when it comes to other contour products. The consistency has always been stiff, waxy, or thick, and required a lot of working into the skin, thus disrupting my acne coverage. No such problem here. Even if it did, the product is so light that having to reapply concealer over the top wouldn’t leave you with a thick or cakey texture.

So, have I tempted you to give it a try? If not, I clearly didn’t gush quite enough, because if you’re into beauty or a quality contour you really should be racing down to the high street to get one immediately! I went on the website to find out what the price is but couldn’t see it on there, but I think it was around £4.99 – a steal!

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    January 8, 2017 / 9:48 pm

    Looks gorgeous!

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