FENWICK EXCLUSIVE – CLINIQUE Super City Block BB Cushion Compact

Last week I had an exciting delivery from the lovely folk at Fenwick, who kindly gave me the opportunity to sample their latest in-store beauty exclusive.  

The brand new Clinique Super City Block BB Cushion Compact SPF 50 is now exclusively available in Fenwick stores for the next month. 

Let’s talk about first impressions and the aesthetics. It is satisfyingly generous in size, the mirrored and branded lid giving it a high-end feel. When you open it up you are greeted by the sponge once again sporting the brand name on a satin ribbon. When you remove that from it’s tray you can then lift yet another lid to reveal the cushion which is moistened with the product. Inside is also a handy mirror, to allow for application and touching up on the go.

I think it’s well thought out that there is a secure lid to cover the cushion part of the compact, because  it is easier to ensure thar it stays moist and doesn’t dry out – meaning you are doing all your can to encourage longevity. It will also stop germs and bugs, and prevent the product from going off due to exposure to air. 

From watching a lot of beauty bloggers at work on YouTube I know they don’t tend to use the applicators that products like this come with – opting to use their favourtite foundation or buffing brushes or a moistened beauty blender. I wanted to try it out though, because if it did work sucessfully in creating a decent finish it would mean I could reduce my make up bag or the things I choose to put in my travel bags for short breaks away or those day trips that may require a make up refresh. First I applied the BB by dabbing the puff, I figured this would create better coverage and that airbrushed look. Howevere after a few different techniques I actually found swiping the puff over my skin the most effective, although the first few times it made an amusing squeeky sound.

When you finish covering your face with the product and gaze at your face in the mirror to review the results you will notice that it gives you quite a dewy finish. I have been in a pursuit of a matt face for years, using powders, blotting papers, primers and so on, to try and esnure I an avoid a shiny face, so at first I thought this was a negative observation. However when I looked at my dewy complexion using this product I actually realised that I looked a lot more youthful, and well, alive. If you have suffered from acne you will have avoided glittery or shiny products because you will have discoveerd via a make up disaster that they draw attention to bumps, blemishes and scar indents. However going to for layers of mattifying products can be equally bad as disguising the aftermath or current wrath of acne. Cakeyness, heavy handed use of products or very rich and thickproducts will not only add bulk to problem areas it can be incredibly ageing, and draw attention to creases and wrinkles you may have.

So despite by initial perturbed reaction to my glowy face I perservered with my usual routine, applying contour stick, powder blush and translucent powder, and adding a touch of concealer under the eyes and over some blemishes that were still saying hello through the layer of foundation. 

Although it was still far dewier than my usual deadened matte look, after a few minutes of settling into my skin and with the addition of the powder products reduced it to a level I was very happy with.  I don’t know if I should say this about myself, but I looked really fresh! I’d managed to find that very sought after balance of glowing without looking shiny or greasy. It actually felt like a big step forward  in my beauty journey. Ever the sceptic, I was still betting on the fact that in a few hours (or less) I’d look like I was melting and that I’d see lots of streaks and tide marks, and my pesky blemishes would be gleaming through this fairly thin layer of BB.

The first day of wearing it was a very muggy day of 27 degrees and I went out for a hefty and fairly taxing walk in Shere,  where I was exposed to the sun and the humid air for a good number of hours. When I got back to the house and looked in the mirror that hangs in the hallway I was not only expecting to see pools of the products in the wrinkles that go from my nose to the sides of my mouth, in the frown line inbetween my eyebrows, and in my chin pit, but that I would also see some sunburn on my nose and forehead (this is what usually happens when I just reply on foundation SPF for protection).  

The blemish coverage, pleasantly dewy finish, and the even appearance of my skin was the same as it was when I left the house. I was genuinely surprised, but also kicking myself that it’d taken me so long to disover that there’s a product that delivers this. How many years of embarrassing slimey melty face have I had to put up with!!? 

Maybe this was just a fluke I thought – perhaps my skin was just being uncharacteristically well behaved. Surely a BB can’t be enough to deliver this sort of coverage whilst offering longevity. What’s the catch?

So today I decided to put it to the test again, after-all why would I go back to my old foundation when this was doing the trick, particularly when it also takes about half the time to apply. I was in London attending press days, riding the sweaty tube, and having lunch in the rooftop restaurant at John Lewis. My final event had lots of pampering options….hair braiding, massages and manicures as well as the opportunity to get your make up done by a professional. The PR came over and said oh your make up looks fabulous – to which I had to reply informing her I hadn’t had it done. She then went to comment how incredibly fresh my foundation looked and how she assumed it must have been just applied. This made my day/week. 

As someone who has battled with varies skin issues over the years, it is the aspect of my looks that has the greatest hold and influence on my confidence levels, so it means a great deal if anyone says anything remotely positive when it comes to the appearance of my skin. For someone to make a point of mentioning how good it looks means a great deal to me, and helped cement this product as a new daily staple. 

I don’t have hugely active or cystic acne at the moment, but I do have small areas of breakout, some scarring and discolouration, and this product was buildable enough to disguise all of these, with only a little use of concealer necessary.

It’s come into my life at the perfect time too…with this heatwave we’re having at the moment it is very important we are all protecting our faces – this product’s SPF appears to be doing exactly what it’s meant to and as someone who has allergic reactions to many suntan lotions, this is another fantastic bonus.

So, have I tempted you to take a trip to Fenwick and grab yourself one too? 

The brand new Clinique Super City Block BB Cushion Compact SPF 50 is now exclusively available in Fenwick stores*. Visit the Clinique counter to discover your
freshest face and receive a free gift of your choice^ with any
foundation purchase. Choose from a deluxe Clinique Superprimer in
Universal (15ml) or a Mini Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry ( 1.2g).

*Terms & conditions: The Clinique Super City Block BB Cushion Compact SPF 50 is £30 and is available exclusively to Fenwick stores nationwide from 15th July. ^Gift with purchase available while stocks last.

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