During the mini heatwave me and my decided to act on a whim and get in the car and visit one of the most beauitful spots in Surrey. We were at home feeling uncomfortably hot, trying ot pretend we could carry on as normal during the heatvewave, while we created sweat patches underneath too many body parts and puffed like 80 your old smokers who had lived a life on 50 a day. 

We have our usual haunst like Hampton and Virginia Water, but as the weather was so blisteringly beautiful we thought it was worth travelling that little bit more to return to Shere. 

If you think you don’t know of Shere, you may know it better than you think. It was where they filmed The Holiday, that sugary sweet rom com starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law. It’s the cute village you saw covered in snow where Cameron and Jude’s characters got all sexy and mushy and stuff. We actually stumbled upon the film set when we were on one of our family walks. At the time my brother was looking to get into the film industry, so whenever we saw a location sign or filming taking place we would go and talk to the crew and see if we could get him some work experience or some contacts. Failing that thought it meant we could have a right good nosey. 

Not to ruin the illusion of cinema, but all the snow in that scene was fake, and the cottage was built entirely for the film. 

So while we were on our walk in the lush green english countryside I filmed a little video, mum tried to help but sadly her shakey hands and inability to see if the camera is in focus meant I had  to balance the camera on fences, gates, rocks and walls instead.

What I wore 
Missguided Hat
Boohoo Top
Primark Shorts
Primark Bag
Primark Sandals

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