Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to the premiere of the Legend of Tarzan, held at the Odeon Leicester Square, alongside some other self confessed move geek YouTubers. A few months ago you may have seen in a vlog that I attended an event where we were given an exclusive sneaky peek at some scenes from the film as well as a Q and A with the two main stars as well as the Director and Producer. At that stage there were still some final tweaks to be done to the film, like colour grading and some special effects malarky. However, even with the little taster we came away knowing there would be some pretty epic fight scenes between Tarzan and the apes, and that there was palpable chemistry between Alex Skarsgard and Margot Robbie. You almost felt like you were an awkward third wheel when watching ‘those’ kinda scenes. 

I was tempted to go for some kind of animal print for my premiere look, then I decided to tone that idea down a bit. I though this Zara print hinted to animal makings without being too obvious. After-all it’s not fancy dress, I’m not going to go to a War film based in camo, or a romantic comedy in a wedding dress. 

I tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to my hair, always opting for soft waves created with my GHD’S. I dared to try something a bit trickier as I had quite a few hours to get ready, and paniced flapping would be minimal. My braided look was inspired by a tutorial I saw in a Fleur De Force GRWM recently. She made it look really easy, coaxing me into aborting my usual routine. Turns out she’s just a lot better at beauty then me…but it was still definitely on the easier end of the scale, and most of you would be able to nail it. 

My evening ended up being fairly random one. I usually head over straight after events as I live out of London, but when someone suggested drinks I thought I’d stay a bit longer, rather than maintain my party pooper status. Ended up having a nice chat over a drinkie with Jason Maza and Dapper Laughs. 

When I got home and took of my wedges (what a feeling) I flopped into bed (with a bag of Wotsits) and had one of those sparks of realisation…..my life is very odd sometimes. Tonight was one of those good odd nights though.






 A vlog/GRWM will be live on my channel soon.

 The film is in cinema’s now.

Here I am with the beautiful Carly Wilford and the very dapper Kier.

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