It’s still raining. My knowledge about meteorology is non existent so I can’t explain or rationalise it., but to me it feels pretty bonkers how relentlessly soggy the UK is at the moment. I’m guessing another result of some pressure somewhere or rather, and the effects of global warming. Let’s be honest most things can be blamed on global warming. 

Aside from turning into an even more morose version of myself, and let’s face it the starting point was pretty terrifying, it’s really putting a spanner in the works when it comes to my….well, work. 

I had so many summery style videos and photoshoots in mind, ones that require a certain level of dryness and sunshine. I think that’s a bit part of why I’m in a bit of a YouTube funk at the moment, I was kinda looking forward to time out of my bedroom to film some pretty outdoorsy videos, and the bloody weather has put a right dampening on that…literally. 

Like I said at the start, it’s still raining, but today I had a ten minute window to rush to nearby, fairly attractive location, to try and squeeze an outfit post out of it. 

After a few steps in the boggy ground I knew my Missguided sliders were a foolish choice but there was nowt I could do about it….plus they went with my favourite Empty Casket Necklace.

So anyways, let’s get down to the outfit. I’m loving the layered dress/t-shirt thing and it’s a pretty useful trend in this current climate. You want to feel summery but know the condition don’t quite allow you to get overly fleshy – this is the perfect solution. I actually wore this sort of thing in the nineties, so I guess you could say my style hasn’t evolved at all, but we won’t dwell on that. Hopefully I have better hair!

Talking of hair I had these braids done at the amazing Pegasus PR press day by the Viviscal team. While I was in the hot seat I told them about my problems with hair loss and asked them whether it’s hereditory and such, but I’ll save that for another post. Why do you always get your hair done when you have no place to go? Thank god for instagram or no-one would have seen it! 

Knowing that I would never be able to create such a look EVER, I wanted to make sure it featured in an outfit post, so slept rather uncomfortably last night to ensure it lasted another day. 

So, you’ll be glad to know I am unshowered and gross in all the pictures below.

I have my eye on a oversized denim jacket from Boohoo at the moment, but due to my lack of funds I wore an old one I got in LA in 2009, which is a bit too fitted for my liking. To make it a bit more appealing in the meantime though I’ve decorated it with some of my pins/badges, although my favourite Nancy from The Craft has gone walkies somewhere on my travels. It probably had a spell on it or something….

I thought about putting on a choker, but it’s been done on this blog way too many times now, and perhaps was a bit too obvious a style note. 

So what do you think of this comfy every day look?  If you can’t be bothered to answer because you are also in a weather induced grump, let’s unite in praying to the sun gods!

H and M Dress
H and M Denim Jacket

Primark White T-Shirt

Missguided Silver Sliders

Badges/Pins are an assortment including Dead Heroes, Empire , LaLa Land, Trekstock.. 

Happy Plugs earphones

Empty Casket Necklace

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