A couple of weeks ago I went to The Communication Store press day held in the swish penthouse of the London Editions Hotel. They were kind enough to not only display their clients and their wonderful products, but actually allow us to try them out and having a bloomin’ good time doing so. They put on an array of pampering stations so we could get out nails done, get massaged, have our make up done and so on. Today I’m going to show you the results of my time at the Hersheson beautifying station.

The wonderful Mitra from Hershesons was there on the day to talk us through the brand’s trade the tongs initiative. It’s basically encouraging us to go on a break  from our tongs, instead creating hair textures using more DIY approaches. What’s great about these techiniques and styles is that they are easy for anyone to create at home, even for those, like me, who lack a serious amount of skill.

While we’re going for this effortless approach, they’re also encouraging us to put our barrel brushes aside and use our fingers where possible. I’ve got to say this isn’t much of a departure for me. My fairly lazy/non existent hair regime generally neglects fancy brushes and styling techniques.

 It happened to be a sweltering hot day so many of us blogger/journo types in the Hershesons hot seat were requesting up do’s and braids to eleviate some of the heat induced sweaty neck and hair frizz, instead of opting for some of the styles they were there to talk about. For mine I asked to see the ‘S’ bend tehcnique but combined with a braid to get those flyaways from my shiny face.

 You will need…

Straighteneres…. like Hershesons Titanium professional straghteners £98

A hairdryer….why not try the Ionic Professional Hairdryer £110

Clear Snagless hair bands £6.50

(all available at www.

 The ‘S’ Bend

Divide dry hair into small sections. Create a series of ‘S’ shaped bends in each section of hair. Clamp a straightener over each ‘S’ to set the shape flat. Repeat across each hair section. Finish by using the fingers to slightly pull out each section – versus separate the bend. 

Here are some other current looks you should be trying right now….


AM: wash hair and blast with Hershesons Ionic Professional Hairdryer so it’s 90% dry. Braid the hair loosely – one braid for super loose waves – two for tighter waves. Spray braid(s) with hairspray to set, Then let hair dry naturally all day. PM: Un-braid, comb through with fingers and style as like, or leave alone. 


Shelley Brook, Stylist at Hershesons has resurrected her diffuser and is encouraging her clients to embrace the natural movement in their hair. ‘Ditch the hairbrush altogether’ Shelley reccommends. ‘Spritz the roots of your hair with salt spray, tip your ehad upside down and use your fingers with the diffuser to dry the hair. The technique will bring out the natural kink in your hair and create an effortless, uncontrived texture.


This styling technique takes minutes to achieve a slept in, shaggy bend in the hair. Part the hair in two and braid very loosely, securing with clear snagless hair bands. Clamp straightening irons over the braids from top to bottom -just once. Spray the braids liberally with Hairspray, remove hairbands and rake through the hair with your fingers.

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