If you follow me on social media you would have presumed I was going to 2000 Trees, but alas it wasn’t meant to be (long and rather annoying story). However things find a way of working out, and I ended up having a fabulous two days at Wireless Festival. Do you know what? I think it did me good to go to a different type of festival to my normal rock-heavy ones. I was able to completely separate myself from work and enjoy the festival like a normal non working attendee – and it felt very freeing. 

Don’t get me wrong I love my old faithful festival and the bands that play, but it can be a pretty intense experience – with hundreds of familiar faces that you have worked with, emailed, interviewed etc. If you suffer from anxiety like me, you’ll understand how overwhelming that situation can be. St this festival, I only saw a few bloggers and celebs I recognised, as well as a handful of faces I was genuinely happy and relaxed to see. 

I attended on the Friday and Sunday so I was lucky to see performances by Fergie (who was a badass and rocked the hell out of the stage), Martin Garrix (who looks young enough to be my son), Calvin Harris (who has so many ‘tunes’ it’s ridiculous), Kygo (who transported me to Ibiza), Yelawolf, Big Sean, Will Smith (although no one knew it was him till they looked at the screen, then it got very loud) and Jess Glynne. I think that’s it….although don’t quote me on it, I’m still very much in drowsy recovery mode. 

Anyhoo, enough of my chatter – watch my video to see what me and my pal Grant got up to at Wireless.


Whether or not the likes of Martin Garrix or Calvin Harris are your thing musically, I defy you not to have a good time at one of their shows. It’s impossible not to get swept up in the bounce that their music creates in the crowd. The heady combination of the lights, CO2 spurts, moving arms and driving music sweeps you up into a dancing frenzy…and I love it!

I’ve seen The 1975 a couple times in support of their first album. – once at Brixton Academy the other at Alexandra Palace.  I haven’t seen them since the release of their second though, I haven’t felt an urgency to do so. To be honest it second hasn’t been as instant for me as their previous, but after hearing/seeing them live again I have found myself drawn to it again….and regretting being so nonchalent about getting in to it.  It does help that their new single/video is their best yet. If you haven’t watched ‘Somebody Else’ on YouTube yet, get on it immediately!

 Yelawolf is anothe artist I’ve not seen live in a while, the last time being at a chaotic and sweaty show at East London’s XOYO.

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