Last night I attended the Gala screening of War Dogs, held at the PictureHouse, off Shaftsbury Avenue. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant dress wise, because I was told that it was basically a premiere, but that it wasn’t going to be held in the usual Leicester Square locations.  

This mystery around the event, meant that I didn’t really know how to approach it, style-wise. Should I still think let’s go all out like you do at a premiere, or should I tone it down a notch? For safety I instantly thought some sort of jumpsuit or playsuit might strike the perfect balance. It can look dressy yet sort of scream, ‘I just threw this on’, if it turned out that it was a more casual affair. 

I opted for this black culotte jumpsuit from Nodbody’s Child. It’s been the first time I dared to try this calf grazing trouser length. I’ve been gazing enviously at many of my personal style inspo’s on Instagram and thinking they looked so cool in their culottes or shortened flairs, but it felt way out of my comfort zone – I’m just so used to trousers that fit tight to the leg and reach the ankle.  

One of my big areas of insecurity is my short lower leg, so I thought this might be a trend I should avoid, fearing it would make my squat legs look even more stumpy. 

But life can be ever so dull if you don’t step out of your comfort zone, and it’s not as though I was going to be climbing everest, taking a few inches off the hem of my trouser is hardly life or death in risk factor. Let’s face it, even if it was a disaster that should never be repeated, I’d just not post a picture on Instagram and pretend it never happened. 

When I first put it on I was so pleased with the fit. The top section forms to the body perfectly with the legs kicking out as intended. The cut out detail exposes the slimmest part of my body so it’s very flattering. But if you’re someone that’s straight up and down, then cut out with give the illusion of an nipped in shape as your eyes are drawn to the silhouette the dark fabric creates. 

One of my main issues with jumpsuits is the difficulties with going to the toilet, and as someone with a nervous and incredibly minute bladder, this is something that comes into the decision making process. I have to be honest that it takes a bit of time to get the zip down, a few sessions of teasing the zip down bit by bit, and using both arms to reach – but you can just about do it yourself. Unlike some brands they have thought about this issue and added a large ring to the end of the zip to help you reach and grab it. 

It was so comfortable to wear so I think it will be coming with me to Kefalonia next week. I reckon it will be perfect for those evening dinners and strolls along the strip. 

What do you think of this look? Have you tried culottes yet? 

I wore….

Nobody’s Child Jumpsuit

Primark Bag

ASOS Flatforms

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