Today is one of those dismal days that require you to put the lights on from midday onwards. i.e my least favourite days. I suffer from SAD so just the knowledge that the shorter and darker days are looming is enough to make me, well, sad.  

I foolishly thought editing some sun drenched holiday pictures may perk me up. Of course they only served as a reminder that I wouldn’t be enjoying these types of blissful scenes for a good ten months or so. 

But before I sound like an utterly ungrateful brat, let me just say, that I know I am incredibly lucky to have gotten a holiday at all and trust me I realise that. I think much of my generation take travel for granted but it should always be viewed as something we’re are very fortunate to be able to experience. But that’s not the topic of today’s weenie post. I just wanted to talk about the more modest bikini’s out there online, and in stores.

The only swimwear I’ve ever heard my mum refer to from her youth was a knitted one-piece, which used to sag at the butt after it got wet, and skimpy styles she wore on holidays during the period her life that she embarked on holiday romances – I’ve seen the old photos and the hairy backs. These offered very little in terms of uplift, and didn’t attempt to boost her petite bust.

We are pretty spoilt for choice these days. For those conscious of their tummys there are one pieces with ruching detail, others with patterns that create illusions of a silhouette very different to the reality. If people like to feel a bit more covered up, there are tankini’s, or bottoms that have frills or skirt type trims and layers.


If you are looking for a boost up there, there is plenty of ranges with padding, or inserts you can buy seperately and shove in there. A halter neck will give boobs a great lift, and triangle bikinis with lots of ruffles will give the illusion of fullness.

When it comes to a covered up halter style crop top like this one by Zaful people often assume its intended, or ideal for, those with a small bust. But as someone with a 32D bust I have found it to be a very welcome addition to my collection. 

Although I’m in full support of those that showcase their boobs (whatever shape or size they are) I have never felt that comfortable doing so. I’m not sure why, but aside from one fancy dress party where I was required to dress as a hoe (yes, really) I generally keep them under wraps, apart from a subtle hint via a short line of cleavage. Now, I don’t want the fact that I saw it fit for them to come out at a pimps and hoes party to make you think that I associate showing ones boobs with promiscuous behaviour, because I don’t. But I definitely only get them out in rare or special occasions…those ‘special occasions’ being that I’ve bought a dress without trying it on and upon getting ready with haste I realize it is a surprisingly revealing number.

As soon I started developing I remember being slightly embarrassed by them, and I swiftly developed a terrible posture, stooping in loose sports t-shirts so that nobody could tell what was growing underneath.  Maybe it’s because I hung out with a lot of boys and had a considerable amount of tom boy traits and tendancies. Maybe it just didn’t feel like they made sense on my body back then.

These days I think I’ve settled on the fact that it must be  because I’m not that big a fan of my own set. After years of fluctuating in size they aren’t as perky and full looking as I like. I’m trying to think of a good similie or metaphor for you. Without referring to baking I’m struggling, hmmm …Okay, I think I’ve got it. Imagine at the start they’re like balloons filled with sand, but gradually the more times they fluctuate the less sand is in the balloon. Also imagine a sock with a snooker ball in the end. 

Where they have been stretched there is of course stretch marks too (I am lucky that they are of the white variety). These don’t show too much when my boobs are going through one of their big swollen phases, but in those periods where they look like they’ve been drained, the differing textures and streaks of white seem far more visible – although this is fixed when I shove them in a push up bra or one that is wayyy to small for me.

Then there’s my nips, which have never recieved any complaints, but I, for some reason, really dislike. Wrong colour, wrong size, wrong shape, but then again I’ve always been a harsh critic of myself. And of course just so I fit in firmly in to the ‘normal’ catagory, my breasts are also slightly different sizes. I can get away with it on the most part, but when I allow them to hang loose (if I’m having a sloggy day at home), when a draft hits (when postman delivers blogger mail for example) and they go all pointy and hard, you can see they are hovering at very different heights.


As I said in a previous post about body confidence I’m not that fussed about how I look these day, it’s more about the function and the health of said feature. I am only going into detail for the sake of this post, its not actually something I dwell on too often and it’s certainly not something I fret about. But, when pressed I am happy to admit that I am not all too enamoured with the aesthetics of my pair. I am however truly happy and blessed that they are healthy.

So what’s fantastic about this bikini is that I don’t have to worry about whether they look even in size or droop. I don’t have to worry about nip slips if I choose to splash about or be active on the beach.  The bold and busy patterns means its very hard for people to distinguish any shape/size of the boobs because the eye is disracted by the tropical style brush strokes. It would also be impossible to spot an erect nipple too.

But a covered up bikini doesn’t have to be frumpy or plain. Look how pretty the strap detail is on the back of the top. To me a back is just as sexy as a cleavage, and area of the body I feel a lot less stressed about exposing – somehow there’s less risk involved.

I guess the only downside of this bikini is the tan lines, and that’s the same for all those cut out or intricate bikinis and one pieces that have been the rage the last few years. But, if like me, you like to wear a different style on alternate days it should even out ok.

So if you have a sporty figure, lovely small boobs, or lovely big boobs you don’t feel like showing off, want to play beach tennis or swim in the ocean, then this is a fab bikini for you. Doesn’t the print look lovely against the clear and azure waters of Kefalonia?

As I said before I got this is from an online store called Zaful, who kindly sent me some bikini’s ahead of my holiday. They’ve got a great selection on there suited to so many different body shapes and style preferences, so make sure you check them out. 

Have you found the right swimwear for you? If so where did you buy it, let’s help eachother out!


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