I had been umming and ahhing about whether to do fashion week this season. Last February I decided to give a miss, having attended for about a seven years relentlessly, and ended up being very happy with the decision. Instead, I ended up having an incredibly productive week on my blog and channel and revelled in the lack of stress regarding outfits, commuting, and darting between the shows which inevitably start late and end up clashing. I had thought I’d suffer from a severe case of FOMO, but I really didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, despite the notable changes in LFW since when I started going all those years ago, which have, if i’m honest made it less enjoyable and shifted the emphasis in the wrong direction (in my opinion), there is still a lot to be got out of attending the London shows. 

For this reason I am not permenantely saying goodbye to fashion week, but taking the time out does allow me to work out how I exactly want to approach them moving forward. This is what I’m currently thinking….

If I get to work with a brand I love or admire wanted to work with me during LFW I would of course be up for it. It’s great to collab with new people over the weekend and use it as an excuse to experiement with you blog/YouTube output. I would be lying to say it wouldn’t be fantastic if a brand wanted to make it a little less taxing on my body too. The commute kills me when having to do it 5 days in a row (and commonly in uncomfortable shoes) and without the budget for Ubers to ease the pain, or for hotels to stay in the area during the week, it wreaks havoc on my CFS damaged body.

So after further mulling over this year, thanks in part to my decision to pause before throwing myself into fashion week, and also due to events out of my control, I know that in future I will be very selective about the shows I go to. I would curate a list that features the established and heralded brands I love, but also the up and comers, or the ones that excite with their eccentricity or dare. 

 So the content next year will probably ( I say probably, as I’ve learned not to plan ANYTHING) will be a pick n mix of style – contrasting, conflicting, big and small, wacky and classic – hopefully something to appeal to anyone’s style preferences or mood.

 But as I said, of course, if a fantastic collboration with a brand comes about, and that relationship dictates the shows that I attend, I will ensure to cover them in a way that befits my blog and what I want it to say at that given time. When I teamed up with Toni and Guy I loved capturing the backstage shots, and almost found more pleasue in being able to witness those moments than the choreographed catwalk ones. When I teamed with Panasonic one year I had the opportunity to enhance my camera skills and get to grips with new technology that was completely alien to me at the time, so I truly felt like I was enhancing my blogger skills in the process. I also happened to get to hang out with some fabulous other bloggers including Tiny Twisst , Sarah Betty, Laurenella and Jen Allison. 

So, to reiterate, the LFW coverage will be sparse this year. I will however try and post some outfit posts, which will be….what I would have worn to fashion week, on the most part. 

I wanted to catch up with my friend Grant as it was his birthday this week so I accepted the very generous invitation from LFW sponsors Crabtree and Evelyn to come in for a hand massage at Fashion Scout and to attend a show of my choice with a friend. I opted for Angel Chen, as I heard the designs are incredible inventive in their functionality as well as their aesthetic – more on that soon.

So let’s get down to the point of this post…the outfit. As a general rule, in the past I tended to be someone that prefers to blend in, rather than stand out. I don’t particularly like to grab people’s attention, which may give you a glimmer of insight in to why I don’t always feel that comfortable at fashion week, or with what it represents. However if you read my recent body confidence piece you’ll know that with age I am starting to care less what people think of what I look like, or what I wear, so I have definitely started to dress according to whim or personal taste, rather than what I think I should wear or what I believe will/will not impress. I went for something a bit more daying than usual, because I didn’t let the voices in my head take over like they used to. Some of my friends in the past have taken the mickey when I’ve adopted more out-there styles, or things that may be a bit too fashion-forward (for them), or simply bright in colour. My instinct was taking me towards going for metallics, so I just want for it. I know some of you daring dressers will look at this as a safe option, but for me the light colour palette, shiny fabrics, bare legs, and hair up…is actually quite different from my norm.

I’m not deluded enough to think this is a fashion forward look by any stretch of the imagination though. This is very much a look which has clearly been influenced by many of the style posts I consumed knowingly or via osmosis on Instagram.

I have been loving the resurgence of 90’s trends, as I still believe that is when I was at my happiest.  I loved the music, the Britpop rivalry, the sugary pop, the rise of the ladette, TV shows like The Big Breakfast and TFI Friday…. 

One of my favourite 90’s trends was the slip dress, particularly when layered over a tee. 

I love how you can make a slinky dress a perfect transitional piece with one simple step. I love that one item can work throughout the year and for day or evening. I love that is can be incredibly girly or given a sporty edge. It really is one of the most versatile things you can have in your wardrobe.

I wasn’t always up for the underwear as outerwear trend but for some reason this year I’ve been loving it, perhaps because I’m just more open to things and not worried so much about the connotations. I know to many it may look like I’m just wearing a nighty, but I love how a silk dress allows you to add a shiny and metallic element to your look, which can look so great contrast against a rougher texture like this cord shirt. If I am wearing an item that may be put in the sexy or girly catagory I always seek to toughen it up or team with something that overszied or more masculine in fit. I think it always feels a bit more effortless and less try hard somehow…and I’m definitely no someone who feels comfortable trying to really go for that sexy allure thing. If you know me, you know that it’s an unrealistic goal.

 I toyed with contrasting that eye catching silver with black, with the view it would really make it pop. However, as we are currently enjoying/sweating this Indian Summer I thought I’d embrace a more summer, candy coloured combination. It was a great excuse to find my favourite nail colour of all time, Essie’s Bikini so Teeny – this lovely pale blue which looks fantastic when sporting a bronzed skin.

The necklace below is a new purchase from New Look and was only £7.99. I don’t know why but I’ve always been drawn to jewellery inspired by bones, teeth, and skeletal structures. I think it’s the idea of something that’s probably deemed a bit dark or macabre can be made into a beautiful thing. This is a doubled layer choker that looks like two silver spined wrapped round your neck..in the nicest possible way.

Another, somewhat less obvious accessory that I chose to pair with my outfit was this Jord Wood watch. I always feel like wood pieces have a neautral quality to them. Somehow because they are wood they immeditately make themselves an item that can be worn with most pieces and colours, in the same way that denim is allowed to party with everyone in the fashion spectrum. The large face injects the masculine element I was talking about earlier too.

We HAVE to talk about these boots. Another New Look revelation. I have been fawning over metallic boots for ages, but have always been worried about the looks/comments I’d get from my pals here in Surrey, who wouldnt ever veer away from brown or black. I had been lusting over some fairly expensive ones in UO and Office and had decided I couldn’t justify a purchase, however activtated by inner magpie was. Then I had a light bulb moment that signalled me to check New Look’s website, who in the past have always delivered gifts from the shoe gods. They always manage tap in to what’s hot, but deliver it in a cost effective and often more comfortable package. Once again my frugal tendancies were rewarded..I couldn’t believe it. They were like the dream shoe, I almost imagined angels in chorus either side of the thumbnail. The best part was the modest heel size. So often do I fall for a shoe only to come to the conclusion that they would only ever be a display shoe, as wearing them would put me in grave or medical danger.

I wore them for the first time yesterday and came home absent of any negative after effects. No blisters, no rubbing, no soreness, no cramp in my calf or ball of my feet. I have a feeling these are going to become my firm favourites. 

A bit of blogger honesty here…the sunglasses didn’t make there way with me to LFW, so only featured in the outfit pictures I took prior to trekking to Fashion Scout. However, seeing as they worked with my metallic and candy aesthetic I just had to try and sneak them in.  

They were kindly sent to me by the brand Firmoo, who also offer fantastic glasses, and were a bargain at only $19.99. They may look feminine but they have actually proved to have unisex credentials, with Si stealing them for much of our recent holiday in Greece.


 Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about this fabulous candy pink cord shirt from Boohoo. During September and October there are always those days that are a bit fresh or windy but not quite chilly enough to require a jacket or coat. Flannel shirts have always been my go to, but I think this cord shirt will become this Autumns most useful layer. I love the juxtoposition of the feminine colour with it’s oversized and mannish style…it’s great for creating an effortless casual look. The frayed hem stopped it from being too mundane and injects an element of edge too.

The way you layer a look can completely transform the overall effect. Looking at this close up shot of all the colours combined you can see that it’s marriage of textures and colours is what creates this light, fresh and still fairly summery (despite multiple layers) look. Imagine a black t0shirt underneath and a berry nail and it would feel completely different and far more autumnal.

 So let’s hear from you in the comments? What are your thoughts on fashion week? Have you been loving the 90’s trends? Do you let other people’s opinion effect how you dress?


What I Wore 

New Look Necklace

Boohoo Cord Shirt

Boohoo Silver Slip Dress

New Looks Boots

Primark White Tee

Firmoo Optical Sunglasses

Jord Wood Watch

Vintage ring



  1. September 17, 2016 / 3:29 pm

    I'm fast becoming a total fan girl of yours. Which is probably creepy since we have actually met. But totally relate to what you're saying on fashion week. I've been going for about 6 years now and agree with what you mean about the change in direction. It's not something I've always felt on with and whenever I went I always have the view it's not about me, it's about them. As you said, preferring to blend in rather than stand out. Which is basically my approach to life in general. At least in recent years! So I chose to come away on holiday over fashion week this season to sort of observe from afar (literally) and decide if and how I might want to come Feb 17. I never want to sort of accept every invite without a thought and just show up with minimal knowledge of the designers or their style and be there just for the sake of it! Anyway, this is turning into waffle – what I wanted to say is that I loved this post and your outfit is ace.

    • March 4, 2017 / 11:32 pm

      I've this second only just worked out that I can reply to messages on blogspot a reply option has never shown up for me before! Doh! I didn't do fashion week barely at all this last season either and didn't miss it at all. Maybe I'm just past it and a bit jaded and cynical! I feel like I always agree with your tweets. I guess being the same age we probs have a similar standpoint on a lot of things! Hope you're well Jen… Probs a bit weird replying to this message so belated!

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