A few weeks back I attended my first ever Summer In The City, which is a convention for YouTubers/Creators/Influencers and their followers. I’d watched a couple of vlogs from last year out of curiosity, but I didn’t really know what to expect from the 3 day event at the EXCEL London. 

I’m not going to go into detail here as you will see what it was like, for me at least, in the video below.

I made my first experience more daunting than it needed to be when I accepted the invitation to take part in a lifestyle panel on the Brave Bison stand. It may sound odd, as someone who does the occasional bit of presenting work, but one of my biggest fears is public speaking. Just typing about it has made my stomach flip and neck to get a bit sweaty. But I do firmly believe you should consistently do things that scare you a bit (or a lot) and this was that days challenge. Once I got into the swing of it you couldn’t shut me up, so maybe next time a public speaking opportunity comes my way I’ll say yes without hesitation or IBS symptoms…..probably not.

  Me, Raisa Falcao and Becca Lammin

 Watch my video below to see my initial reaction to SITC….

If you went to Summer In The City I’d love to hear how you got on….Comment below and let me know.

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