For today’s what I would have worn to LFW week’ post I want to present the jumpsuit of dream, from Nobody’s Child. 

I have a bit of a mixed relationship with playsuits. I think they’re incredibly chic and a fantastic alternative to dresses. I also love that many examples of them are hugely versatile and work just as well when styled casually with trainers as they do glammed up with heels. However, in terms of practicality, they can falter a bit.

Okay, so you can’t get away from the fact that you will have to reveal your breasts when you go to the loo, which can be fairly unpleasant in the winter or in a drafty toilet, but this one is a lesser evil than most playsuits I have. While we’re on this subject have any other you been mid stream when someone’s walked in on you while sitting on the loo completely stripped off?

Unlike many other jumpsuits and playsuits I own, this one doesn’t have any tricky zips or buttons, nor does it have sleeves. All these omitted features mean that it’s fairly easy to slink in and out of, a simply drop the spaghetti straps from your shoulder and pull down the elasticated waist…which is a particular feature I love about it.  As a serial snacker anything with an expandable waist is good in my eyes….

I’ve always been drawn to stars on fabric and if an item of clothing has got stars on it I am more that likely to click on the thumbnail and consider a purchase. Whether they be massive glam rock statement stars or a print so delicate they resemble a genuine night sky.

I’m probably so fond of stars as a trend because many of my style icons have turned themselves into a nightscape over the years, many doing so in a rock ‘n’ roll manner. When I was styling my outfit I definitely thought of Kate Moss, and tried to find the balance of feminine and edgy elements.

The one particular starry look of hers I recall is the amazing outfit she wore for her 34th birthday. She and her army of achingly cool mates went to Punk’s Glam  Rock night, she had curled disco ready hair, a gold star painted over one of her eyes,  and this incredible star print dress from Chanels Spring collection. It was one of my all time favourite looks of hers. It just screamed decadence, debauchery, hedonism. Basically it encapsulated everything I think I want to be a part of, but am actually far to old and sensible for…


You guys always see my hair down and I didn’t want this to be a celeb copycat look, so I decided to go for a sleek do instead – which is risky considering many people have told me having my hair up does me no favours!

To give the illusion of a longer ponytail than I have I split my hair in two and created two ponytails on top of each other. They merge together and the hair appears noticeably longer because extra length is created by the lower pony.


I went for a smokey eye using the silverI went for a smokey eye using the silvery tones within my Urban Decay Naked Palette and had my usual heavy handed approachto Kohl pencil. As a lot of my face was exposed I put a little bit more contour on, you know to stop myself from looking like one of those potatoes you decide to put back when at the supermarket.y tones within my Urban Decay Naked Palette and had my usual heavy handed approachto Kohl pencil. As a lot of my face was exposed I put a little bit more contour on, you know to stop myself from looking like one of those potatoes you decide to put back when at the supermarket.

I added a faux laether jacket, which is a always very obvious but wonderfully simple addition to add a rock n roll edge to any look. Mine is by a brand called BLNKNYC, which can be found on ASOS. It’s the closest I’ve gotten to owning the elusive ‘dream’ biker jacket, but it’s still not quite ‘the one’. I want one that could be vintage, but doesn’t look too vintage, one that’s oversized without being unflattering, one thats chic but cool. It’s tricky.

Let’s talk about the sunnies next. I am still yet to find the perfect shape sunnies for my horse shaped head, but I’m starting to think small circular frames are the closest I’ve found so far in my mission for flattering eyewear. I can’t be trusted with nice things, so have never allowed myself to own sunglasses costing more than £20. On the most part they don’t cost over £10 if I’m honest. These mirrored John Lennon-esque sunnies were only £2 from Tiger and have last a few years. Admittedly there a bit bent and scratched now, but that’s more down to my treatment of them (I think I’ve been a bit rough with them because they were so cheap) rather than the quality of the product.

To add to the theme of astronomy I though I add my favourite relic from the nineties (not including myself of course, or my extensive collection of trolls), my large sun necklace. Back then it seems that you were only allowed to wear necklaces if they feature on or more of the following elements – beads, crosses, velvet, black string, or a non precious stone…


Initially I thought I would team the playsuit with my new silver boots, but the length is only just above my ankle and as my legs are fairly short I didn’t want to worsen the problem. Instead I opted for leg lengthening wedges. By exposing a large chunk of skin on my feet it gives the illusion of far less stumpy limbs. Good trick huh!?

You can see from the angle of my foot in the above images that these shoes were a regrettable option. Even looking at the contorted nature of my food in those shots gives me cramp!! There’s no way I would have lasted at LFW in these shoes!

Now, don’t worry I’m fully aware astrology and astronomy are separate things…but there is a slight link there so I thought I’d take this opportunity to ask you what you thought about the surprising developments out of NASA this week.


If you didn’t see us all tweeting with annoyance this week, in short some of us have found out we are not the star sign we thought were…the graph below displaying the new zodiac dates.

Star signs were assigned by ancient Greeks based on the consolation that was behind the sun at the time of birth, but now they could be out by as much as a month, meaning THESE are apparently the new, more accurate results. Me…a Virgo?? Are you kidding me?

I’ve always made fun of the fact that my dad is a typical Virgo. He’s anal to the point of OCD. He can/tends to be very cranky and grumpy. He’s extremely intelligent, meticulous and practical. I’m one of those messy creative types that’s a bit all over the shop and happy to live in squaller.

I have always loved the idea of being a Scorpio, because a lot of the typical traits seemed to be a good fit. They often say we’re passionate and sexy…haha as if I’d say that about myself. I will say that I am passionate though. Descriptions often say that we are intense, and I’d say that’s true, although it can show itself in both positive and negative ways. I have embraced the articles that they say we’re driven, dedicated, loyal, ambitious and security-loving because that’s how I try to live at least.

So if this is true, and I am in fact a Virgo, I just don’t know what to think. Am I upset that I’m not a Scorpio, or annoyed because this now kinda proves that this astrology stuff is all a lot of hoo haa. I really hope not. Perhaps Scorpio has entered my moon or something or rather, at some point, meaning that I have Scorpio about me, but in less obvious ways.

I love to believe in magical or illogical things, particularly the sort of stuff the rest of my family are incredibly cynical about. So if this internet rumour turns out to be true it’ll be rather annoying that I’ve lost the argument that I’m a typical Scorpio when arguing the merits of astrology.

Perhaps we just believe what we want to believe. I know that to be the case in other areas of my life!!

What I Wore

Nodody’s Child Jumpsuit

BLANKNYC Faux Leather Jacket (ASOS)

90’s necklace

Zara Wedges

What do you think of this look? Have you dared to try the cropped/wide leg trend that is so prevalent right now?

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