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I’ll be up front with you before you get to scrolling. This may be the most underwhelming Reading photo post you will ever see. However, I have a valid reason. Unfortunately at about 3pm on the Friday I realised I no longer had my beloved Lumix GM1 on me. I don’t know where, or when, but at some point some cruel being decided it no longer belonged to me. Luckily I transferred a few photos to my phone before this unfortunate event, but unfortunately the picture I’d got with Thrice after our interview had failed to transfer. Bugger. I thought I was a little bit over it, but as I write this I feel quite miffed, and that’s putting it politely. 

If you follow my channel and Twitter you’ll know that I did a mass clearout, and a carboot, to fund my holiday and a new camera lens to use while I was there so I could come back laden with blog content to see me through till Si is back again at Christmas time. Not only am I now without my camera, but also most expensive lens and the one I use to film all my videos, but most devastatingly my holiday pictures are gone. I only have some that I had already Instagrammed or started to edit in VSCO, but my post famous sets are gone forever. Well, at least I presume so. 

I feel so guilty about it though, because my carelessness has meant that Si has lost his holiday pictures too, and the time that we took out of what should have been a relaxing holiday to take images for my blog was essentially pointless. 

If anyone reading this went to Reading, and has found a camera or happens to know anyone that did, please do get in touch. I’d be so grateful just to be reunited with my SD card or the photos. 

Right, venting over…I’ll talk about the few images I do have to show for my weekend at Reading Festival, which despite the incident, is still one of my fave festivals. 

Here I am with 4/5 of The Neighbourhood after our interview. If you do press with them you are asked to turn the video or images into black and white as that is the consistent theme of all their visuals. I was looking haggard and although sporting a natural tan, I was looking alarmingly orange, so I was rather pleased to have a legitimate reason to turn my colour images to much more flattering monochrome. 

I have got to say I was a little bit apprehensive about my interview with these guys because if you’ve seen them on stage, in their videos, or in promo shots, you’ll know they are achingly cool, and well, I’m not. I wondered if I’d be too nerdy to connect with them, but in fact I felt comfortable with them extremely fast and they were an absolute pleasure to talk to. They ended up being people I genuinely like to hang out with. Even when I saw them later on they tapped me on the shoulder and said hey again.

I don’t have all of my Reading Outfit posts but I do have one picture of Friday’s outfit taken by my friend Graham when I was still in a good mood – we will call this period of time the pre-theft era. 

Outfit 1: Primark Mustard body, Primark Denim Shorts, NY Vintage Flannel, Nike Liberty Trainers, Topshop Socks

Outfit 2: ASOS Choker, Ebay Body, H&M Cream Jeans, Primark Boots

Outfit 3: Forever 21 Floral dress, Primark Boots, Tiger Sunglasses

For the second time I stayed at a B & B Belle Vue which is about a 20 minute walk from the site,  the route dangerously/joyously taking us via McDonals. The landlady is a force to be reckoned with, but will do anything to make sure you’re ok during your stay. On the Friday, feeling devestated about the loss of my camera I came back  to my room very early and a bit teary, she promptly offered me her company and a glass of wine. I declined and instead decided to just sob into my pillow and tuck into a copious amounts of snacks that I’d got from the nearby Tesco Express. But if you’re looking for a handy place to stay that’s cheaper than a hotel then this place is clean, in a good location, and the breakfast is yummy.

The food is getting better every year, and catering to far more tastes and dietry limitations. This year I had two very successful trips to the food stalls of the main arena. I very much enjoyed some Sweet Potato Fries which I got from a Veggie stall, (yes, the obsession continues) and some Fries from the puntastic Friesday, smothered in Tikka Mayo.

I had spotted Noel from afar on day 1 of the festival, but while I got a little bit high pitched about it, the people I was with were very non plussed about it, saying they didn’t know who he is and have never seen his show The Supervet. 

On the Saturday my friend Holly was there as You Me At Six had their suprise set (she goes out with Matty B from the band).  Matt’s mum got a dog a year ago and sometimes we go for walks with Rosie (our BorrowmyDoggy companion) – we are huge doggy people. That sounded wrong….

Anyhoo, what I’m trying to say is that I finally had people around me who would be as giddy with excitment as I was. We made the decision that at some point we would pluck up the courage to say hello to the legend that is Noel Fitzpatrick.

In the meantime I went on the hunt for the aforementioned Sweet Potato fries with Matts Mum and sister, as well as Josh (who filled in for drum for Young Guns). Feeling blissed out and satisfied after ramming down the fries in record breaking time, I returned to the site to see Noel in a Young Guns and YMA6 crew sandwich. Si ran over to say heds been trying to ring me and that I’d missed out on the picture. Grrr

Luckily it turned out that Noel was actualy a big fan of both bands and we ended up hanging out further times over the weekend, and I managed to get a nice picture of my own. Noel’s kept in regular contact via text and due to come to some shows. He is an enthusiastic and friendly as he appears on the TV….what a guy!

 Tim and Jess

A lot of my friends are bloomin’ smitten rightnow and in that adorable stage of a relationship. I thought I’d take on the task of capturing a few of these loving moments. I hope it didn’t make me seem a bit creepy, I just wanted them to have a nice little visual memory to take from their weekend.

 Poppy and Alfie


Holly, Me and Amanda

 If you work in the industry you will know how nion impossible it is to see all the bands you want to at a festival. You get stopped about 5 times during a 3 metre walk towards the clearn Guest Loos, so you can imagine to dodging, darting and aversion of eye contact that has to take place if you attempt to leave the guest area and actually see some live music.

We did get to see a few acts though, including Fall Out Boy who we enjoyed watching and singing along to with Zoe and George. We got to enjoy some of Biffy with Romesh and his gf Sarah too, who were, rather predictably, the highlights of my weekend. You can always rely on Biffy to deliver an amazing live show. I had been torn about whether to see the 1975 who clashed with the Biffy’s set on the mainstage, but I feel sure I made the right choice.

 Due to some rather sad news affecting their camp, Deaf Havana’s show was extremely emotional, but how great to see them back with new songs like ‘Sing’ already sounding like firm classics. 

The biggest suprise of the weekend came courtesy of Tonight Alive. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them and I was blown away by how they’ve grown as a band. Not only were Jens vocals flawless and powerful throughout, she seems to have this new level of confidence in terms of her performance. She was ruling that tent, the crowd were completely submitting to her postive message. In fact submission isn’t the right word, because it felt we were all in this together, bonding over the positive and enriching message she was speaking of. Their show was moving, uplifting, sad and empowering, and I just didn’t expect to feel so many things during a half hour in a tent.

 Me and Zoe, and Si and George – apparently the boyfriends of bloggers look best in pink

I had to cancel the rest of my interviews due to what happened to my equipment and my resulting frame of mind, but do you know what there were some suprise benefits – look, I’m trying to be positive!!

For the first time in years I was able to enjoy the festival in a non worky way. Okay, so it’s never going to be fully non worky because every second person in the guest area is someone you’ve liaised with about work in some way,  but I was able to go and see bands, catch up with people I only ever see at festivals and wait for it….I actually got to spend time with Si…at festival…IMAGINE!

I’m not gonna lie though, this was potentially more exhausting than my usual 10 interviews in a row, but it did feel good to be in the loop for once, and to be part of that years Reading Festival memories. I often feel that when I’m in the press tent all weekend, I’m often out of sight out of mind and missing pivotal festival moments like when my friend invented the phrase ‘in the bin’ for their drunk/hungover state.

If we are going to be philisophical about things. Perhaps that was the greater reason for the loss of my camera. I was forced to be that sociable person again – something, which if I’d had time to think about it, would have been a terrifying prospect. I met new people, I recconnected with old friends and acqaintences, and Si and I were able to form some memories that were completely separate to our working lives. 

 Thanks for having me again Reading Festival….your rad.

See you next year.

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  1. September 8, 2016 / 2:48 pm

    So lucky yo meet Noel Fitzpatrick! He's my idol & inspiration. Didn't go to reading this year due to a clash but my nephew loved it. Sorry to hear about your camera. I hope the SD card is returned to u at least! Happy blogging.

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