Sunnie Side Up

One of my favourite parts of blogging is discovering new brands that will swiftly become my staples and go to’s for their given speciality. Sometimes I discover them via the style inpirations I follow on Instagram, and occasionally the brands get in touch via email having noticed a synergy between my fashion tastes and what they have to offer. 

Right before my holiday I was invited by Firmoo to pick a pair of frames from their site. They do clear glasses, and safety glasses, alongside their range of sunglasses, but I was desperate to find some sunnies that would enhance all the outfits posts I planned to shoot while in Kefalonia. 

For a while it was all about marbled frames, but the predominant trend right now seems to be mirrored and oversized. Looking at what I was packing for our 5 day stay,  I decided that the pink frames above would be the perfect choice. I thought I was all set to have the most stylish of holidays, but I hadn’t predicted that Si would end up stealing them for the majority of our time away, realising that the pale pink looked fantastic with his peroxide hair and mahogony skin. I think I may have to subtly keep sending him the website link until he gets the message and buys himself his own pair of Firmoos.


For me, sunglasses are on par with jeans in terms of the difficulty level in finding the right pair for me. I have a fairly long thin face, with eyebrows that are fairly close to my eyes, so it’s always been rather tricky to find flattering frames that are simultaneously tapping into the trends I’m looking to adopt.


One of the obvious advantages from shopping on a site such as Firmoo is that it allows you to browse through their vast collection via different search routes. If you want to have a rummage via colour, they have 25 for you too chose from. If you are lucky enough to have worked out what shape suiSt you best, then you can tick either the Rectangle, Square, Round, Oval, Aviator or Wayfarer box.
There’s also size, gender, frame, material, or price, if like me you prefer not to spend too much on your sunnies. 

I’m all too aware of my daydreaming brain and my unrivalled ability to leave accessories and other treasured possesions on trains and buses, on the beach or at a holiday cafe. As much as I swoon over designer pairs worn by the bloggers I follow, I know the stress of owning them just won’t be worth it, and even if I manage to keep them in my possession I’ll manage to sit or stand on them. 

When you can order trend inspired sunnies like this for $19.99, why would you fork out more anyway? I’d rather put the money I save towards more trips to wear my affordable ones on. 

P.S They come with a proper case too, you know, one of those that snap close rather satisfyingly.


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