Temporary Changes…

I think I said the last post was my last of the LFW series of outfits, but put that down to my foggy brain and being dosed up on flu meds. 

This is another look on the casual end of the scale, although I always feel a bit more glam when I wear a maxi skirt. It’s not often you feel the fabric drape across the floor and you can’t help but feel a bit like a princess because of it.

 Aldo Sunglasses

Vintage Bowie Tee

Booho Oversized denim jacket

Nobody’s Child Polka dot wrap skirt

Coverse high top (Office)

I love this skirt. Yet another Nobody’s Child purchase, who have swiftly become my current favourite online store and completely depleting my already depressingly sparse bank accounts. Classic patterms, although often striking and bold, are surprisingly extremely versatile. For some reason our eyes accept the marriage of polka dots with items like graphic band tees, in the same way that animal print works when combined with bright and contrasting pops of colours.

This skirt is versatile in another way too, as it works just as fabulously as part of a chic evening look as it does in an effortless day ensemble. For evening I may team with a form fitting white body camisole, or team with a navy cashmere jumper or jersey polo neck.

As this was my final day of LFW outfit post I was obviously going to plump for the casual approach, one that would allow for my trusty white converse high tops.

I felt like having my beloved David close to my heart (where he always is inside) so put on this old tee that I bought in a vintage shop in Southampton about ten years ago.  I think the pale yellow adds a nice cheery element to the look and stops its being too matchy matchy because I haven’t stuck to the colour palette of the skirt.

I’ve been resisting the urge to cover this new oversized boyfriend denim jacket (from Boohoo) with pins and patches because it’s so on trend right now, I fear soon it will reach over saturation and we’ll all be sick of it. I do love the look, and the activity of customising jackets with these accessories. I have a couple of jackets I’ve gone to town on and I actually find it quite a mindfull thing to do, it allows me to switch off from everything else for a minute. I figured this look had a lot of busy stuff going on so it wasn’t necessary to jazz up this already iconic fashion staple.

To complete the look I added these stripy cat eye sunnies from Aldo, which were part of a three pairs for 20 quid deal last year. God, I love a bargain. 

 While I have your attention (if anyone is actually still reading this) I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about my YouTube Channel briefly.

I’ve been not been happy over there for a little while, but I think I am starting to work out some of the things contributing to my discontent.  With anything you do, you want to feel like you are making progress, evolving, improving, upping your game etc. I have always felt a huge amount of satisfaction when I’ve made a video which is visually better than any I’ve uploaded before. Perhaps the editing was better, the filming, or just the general aesthetic. Even if wasn’t a big hitter views wise and still had a way to go in terms of being in the same realm as some other YouTubers,  I was getting a feeling of achievement because it was clear to me that my skills in the world YouTube were getting better. I am from a visual background so I most definitely get pleasure from videos that are…well, visually pleasing.

Unfortunately my progress has been halted for reasons out of my control. Halted isn’t even the word, regressed is far more appropriate. Since my Mac has decided to misbehave and my best camera equipment has been stolen I’ve had to resort to using old and faulty equipment I had previously deemed not good enough to use. So whenever I embark on trying to make the videos that have emphasis on editing, quality, visuals etc I set myself up for a fall. I will never be satisfied for the results as they will not continue my growth in this area and will only serve as a reminder that I’m creating less good content than before.

A few years ago this would not have been so effecting as it is today. But these days a lot of the more visual YouTubers (a side of YouTube I’d love to be part of) are creating cinematic and extremely professional videos that look just as good as anything created for advertising, magazine online content and music videos. They have cameras worth thousands of pounds whether they be top notch SLR’s, Arris or Red cameras, steady-cams, Drones, Go Pro’s with all the fixtures and fittings. And if they don’t own these things themselves they have the budget to hire people that do.

My iphone and glitchy compact camera just won’t cut it, and despite putting in the same amount of time and effort my attempts at visually stunning videos will just pale in comparison. I’ve realised having a boyfriend that is away 80% of the year will also have an impact. I hate to admit that, because I am fiercely independant and where possible I always try and do EVERYTHING myself, to a fault really. But I had that realisation in bed the other day when I was thinking about the YouTubers who are flourishing in that particular area of YouTube right now. They ALL have boyfriends, friends or husbands that help them on the regular to film their fashion/travel/creative videos, or have the budget to work with professionals. I find myself getting so frustrated because I have SO many ideas for videos that I think people would enjoy but because Si is away they are just not possible. I’ve tried numerous times with friends or my mum on camera duties, but they’ve always ended up in my graveyard folder of deathly bad video attempts.

So I’ve decided to stop wasting my time and attempting these artsy videos for the time being. At least till I can afford some more equipment that will deliver the quality I aspire to.  Instead I am going to change the emphasis on the channel for a bit. Rather than put up creative videos that don’t quite deliver all I want them to, I will concentrate on more sit down talk to camera type videos and rough around the edges type vlogs. I feel like quality of the camera is less important because hopefully people will be more concerned with the words coming out of my mouth than what I, or the video, looks like.

So those that subsribed for purely for lookbooks, travel montages, beauty tutorials, I’m sorry to report they will be on a (hopefully brief) hiatus, but fingers crossed it will give me the opportunity to talk to you guys lots and confront some subjects and issues that warrant a good natter about. 

So if any YouTuber’s reading want to join me for a sit down video please do get in touch and any friends that watch my channel (thank you by the way) please do let me know what you want me to rant or ramble about in the next few weeks. 

Also, thanks for sticking with me throughout all of my wobbles and fall outs with  blogging and YouTube . The industry will never be a perfect fit for me, but I’m trying to find a way to work with it. I don’t think my sensitive nature or views on celebrity culture make for a happy combo, nor does my current life situation, but one thing I’m not is a quitter.

I’ll keep on trucking for now, and I’ll hope you’ll stick with me till I find my perfect position in this funny old world. 

Please leave me some comments! (Does anyone know how I reply to them though)


  1. September 28, 2016 / 7:12 pm

    Hey I didn't know I could comment on here! I think people love your youtube videos because of your personality and honesty rather than visuals (not that your lookbooks aren't amaze :D) Sometimes simple things are better and I think what makes your channel good is that you are relatable, like you don't hide the fact you live at home for example a situation a lot of young people are unfortunately in these days.

    Anyway well done for keeping going 😀

    Annie x

    • March 4, 2017 / 11:34 pm

      Ive only this evening worked out that I can reply to my blog comments! Only taken me 8 years to work it out! Doh! Thanks for the feedback it's always really helpful to know how people feel about the content. Hope all is well xxx

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