Benefit’s Gimme Brow: Review

‘Hi girls, come pick a card.’ We (Poppy and I) responded with a quick glance and eachother and a while sporting slight frowns. If you’ve walked down Carnaby Street, or anywhere in London for that matter, you will know about the frequency in which you are stopped – by people doing surveys or asking for charity donations. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think these people are doing a wonderful thing, but when you’re in a hurry and your the sort of person that hates to be appear dismissive or rude, you find yourself in lengthy conversations, promising to regularly donate money you don’t have, and missing you appointment you were hurrying for.

We both ignored the voices in our head telling us to keep our heads down and pretend that we thought they were calling out to someone else, and walked on over to the girls stood outside the Benefit store. We both picked a card and were ecstatic to find out that we had both won a free Benefit product. 

We were handed the futuristic looking Gimme Brow, and some may say we both looked far happier than anyone should be holding something of that size. Yes it was/is teenie tiny, but boy does it have powerful capabilties. Size isn’t everything girls, am I right?

If you’ve followed my beauty posts/videos you will know that on the whole I have been mostly using Benefit’s Brow Zings to tame my unruly brows, so I know the brand know what they are doing on that front. It’s been one of those products I’ve reccommended to friends, in fact only a couple weeks ago I took my pal Holly to Benefit to get he brows perfected.

But how do I know that I’ve picked the best one out of their incredible range of eyebrow products, for my particuar brows, if I don’t dabble with others in the collection? I don’t have the money for risking it and just trying things out for experiments sake, so this was the perfect opportunity to explore without damaging my already dire finances.

The applicater is basically a mascara wand, in fact this product is pretty much mascara for the brows (although this tinted gel contains tiny microfibers). After the first swipe it looked very dark and left some dark product on the skin under the brow hairs. I needn’t have worried because when I continued to stroke the wand over the area it cleaned up and the colour evened out. I was immediately impressed by the overall look, and how easy it was for a novice to achieve. It allows you to comb and fix the hairs in place, and leaves you with natural but defined looking brows. The advantage of this product over say powders, is that it is merely working with your existing brow hairs by thickening, darkening and setting. This was perfect for me as a blonde who would have looked a tad odd or overdone with completely filled in brows.

Now I am a dark redhead  I have been using the product in conjunction with Brow Zings. I use the powder rectangle to fill in and darken the overall brow (so it teams better with my hair colour). I then use the Gimme Brow so that each strand of hair is defined and stops the brows from looking like a pair of slugs following eachother to the cabbage patch.

The added bonus for UK residents is that its water resistant too, and I was able to put this to the test on the red carpet of The Accountant on Monday. In fact my brows were the only thing still in tact by the time I sat in my seat. 

I knew it already but Benefit have proved once again to be the bomb when it comes to brows.

Gimme Brow is available in 3 colours and costs £18.50 (full size)

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