Interview with Milk Teeth

I’ve been spreading out my Reading Festival interviews because this year I only managed to get three (compared to last years 18). Unfortunately after my equipment got stolen, I cancelled the rest of them so I could hunt round the site and try and track down my equipment before the festival came to a close. I’m only repeating my sorry tale to explain why I may seem a bit off in this interview, as I was in the midst of the stolen camera turmoil when I got a text saying it was time for the interview, and my schedule also had said it was the next day. So not only was I completely unprepared (I like to do research before I sit down with a band), I was feeling very grumpy. As I edited it yesterday,  I realised I looked a bit distracted, which I don’t want to ever seem when a band is kind enough to spare a few minutes to chat to little old me. Granted that was partially because I was aware than people were constantly on the cusp of walking in front of the camera, as you can see 3 people (including one of The Neighburhood) actually did. 

Milk Teeth are a fab UK band so it’s a shame I wasn’t on my A-game, because they are truly a band I’d like to showcase to my readers/watchers and encourage them to check them out. Luckily they were great to talk to, thoroughly down to earth, so they made my job a lot easier. 

This is a band I believe are destined for big things (I think supporting the likes of Thrice is pretty big already to be honest) and they’re also a group I find myelf urging friends and loved ones to listen to. I remember playing them to Si in the car and saying you have to check these guys out. It wasn’t long before he was bobbing his hea and agreeing that they had a ‘cool vibe.’

So, hopefully you’ll get to know a bit more about them from out chat on the sweaty leather sofa, but please make sure you check out their album Vile Child too.

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