Rather than spending money on new make up or replenishing my beauty staples (I’m trying to save money and also be a bit more conscious about waste at the moment) I’m attempting to get through all of my samples, the ones that are partly responsible for the unbearable clutter in my house. My all time favourite mascaras had run out a while ago, so I was using some samples that I’d be sent which were far from being my favourtites – hence why they had been neglected in my beauty sample graveyard located at the bottom on my chest of drawers.

Recently I got a PR email about the new Max Factor mascara, and due to my track record with the brand I knew I had to try it out. They are a brand that always seem to deliver on the classic and staple items, but this one had an interesting twist which increased it’s allure further. 

So yesterday the sample arrived in an appriopriately glam gold jiffy bag, and I have decided to give you a first impressions review, which I’ll follow up with another review if my opinions change after regular use.

 Let’s talk about the outer packaging first. The gold and black combination makes for a sleek and classy product, an aesthetic that bridges the gap between drugstore and high-end. I like that it’s fairly chunky, it sounds odd but it’s satisfying to hold (that sounds all kinds of wrong). What I mean is that its easier to grip when applying it to your lashes. The only issue I guess is that it takes up slightly more room in your bag, so it’s not the best one I own in terms of travelling light.

When I peeled off the sticky label and tried to scrape off the glue some of the gold came off revealing the black base underneath. I can only assume like most mascara’s I’ve tried over the years (aside from fancy embossed ones) this too will end up completely void of branding. After a while I’m pretty sure the gold plastic will become scratched and marked, which is something I couldn’t really care less about. I just thought I’d briefly point it out as I know a lot of people buy products as props these days – pretty artefacts they can use frequently in flat-lays and such.

The promotion of this particular model of mascara is based around the selfie and how we want to ensure we look always look as good (and as glam) as possible, particularly now that Instagram has that bloomin’ zoom-in feature – why Instagram, why?????

Max Factor are the beauty brand when it comes to ensuring we look our best on screen. In the golden age of cinema, when they didn’t have the technology to zap out flaws and imperfections via a computer, Mr Max Factor created flawless make-up looks for the silver screen. He made sure the goddess-like screen sirens of that magical era of cinema were always look their polished best. It’s no wonder we still refer to images from that time for beauty inspo.

It was a logical decision to choose Candice as the face of this #selfieready mascara as we all know, all too well from extended gorps at their instagram posts, how accomplished she, and all the angels for that matter, are at nailing those posed shots. They know their angles, they manage to always find that beneficial light…and well, they’re all enviously stunning aren’t they!? The sort of stunning that forces you to desperately search for a flaw, any flaw. Which usually results with you saying, ‘well she could have really smelly feet couldn’t she?”

Candice is actually someone that my friend and Holly have discussed at length, we even had a session on google image marvelling at her beauty a few weeks ago during a slouchy night in. These actions obviously lead to a heavy dose of self loathing, but she is definitely someone we like to look at and seek beauty inspiration from.


So earlier I briefly touched upon the added interest of this product. As you will have noticed from the pictures , this is a very different wand to the average. Not only that, the formula used in conjunction with this wacky looking contraption is also ‘bold and new.’

So what makes this Max Factor mascara different? 


  • The arched shape of the body combs and defines lashes
  • The flat edge deposits the darkening formula on to the lashes
  • Each Lash reaches the flat and circular side of different bristles upon application to capture and coat every lash. 


  • Specialised tip brushes help scult and comb and allow for touch-ips in hard to reach areas
  • Bulk reservoir loads formula direct to lash


  • High levels of water (versus our other mascaras) allow for increased play time
  • High melting point wax helps reduce smudging or flaking
  • Gloss polymer adds natural shine for super glossy lashes.  

Now that I’ve talked through the concept behind this weird and wonderful looking mascara I’ll offer up my first impressions. 

With anything that differs from your normal, or the normal, there is a novelty factor. It felt fun and exciting (to a beauty blogger at least) to be using something boasting a new breakthrough in lash enhancing. 

But along with that thrill become an element of ‘how the hell do I use this thing?’.Don’t be put off my this, it may take a bit of trial and error to get to grips with this new style of brush, but that’s to be expected with something innovative and new. I made sure I used it for the first time on a day at home, just in case of any mascara mishaps. I need not have been so cautious as there were no disasters to speak of, as you can see from the images in this post.

I don’t know why but I presumed that the bobble on the end of the wand (it kind of looks like a sea urchin) was intended for the bottom lashes but I went in on them with that part of the wand initially. Because I used it without wiping any of excess product off I managed to make a bit of a mess. Luckily because of the wetter formula I was able to clean this up and wipe it away extremely easily. I decided to swap to the main body of the wand to do the bulk of the work of painting my lower lashes. They started to look defined and long in swift time. 

Now for my top lashes. I have to admit my lashes in general are in a bit of a bad way at the moment.  I have been using up a stubborn waterproof mascara lately, but have not been removing it with a powerful enough cleanser. This has meant that each day that I have been removing it I have been losing a fair few of my lashes. In short they are looking very sparse, so the finished effect would always be slightly limited right now. 

The formula went on smoothly and I was able to rectify any clumping fairly easily with use of the main brush or the spiky ball on the end. The urchin end did allow you to get right to the root and hook in as many hairs as possible. You also feel confident you are coating the lash all the way round, thanx to the genius shape of the wand and the vital gaps within it.

Because my lashes have quite a bit of gapping between them at the moment (due to the fallout), I found that the mascara combined them together. I would have preferred it if it had been able to fan and separate, because it has made them look a tad spidery. I also generally prefer my mascaras to leave a powdery/feathery like finish, rather than a shiny one, as I feel it looks a bit more natural – that’s a personal thing though. Even though it didn’t really make any promises to do this I was please with the lift and curve it gave. I have naturally dead straight lashes, but this gave them a nice lift which really opened the eye up. This was a very welcome bonus of the product.

In terms of longevity I am very impressed with it’s staying power so far. As I write this I have worn it 12 hours and there has been no smudging or flaking whatsoever, and the lashes look just as they did when they first dried this morning. They even received a compliment, which was a high point on this dreary Tuesday.

It’s novelty has made it a very fun new product to try out, and I will continue to use it because I feel it’s one you will benefit from even more once you get to grips with how to use it. It’s a bit like having a high tech new car and now quite knowing what all the buttons do. At the moment I will be following the instructions below until it becomes an a thing I do on autopilot as part of my daily make up routine.

 Legendary Make up artist Caroline Barnes (who has a great instagram by the way, with really handy videos) has offered up some tips to help you make the most of this innovative product. 

STEP 1: Deposit formula – Push the body of the brush deep into the root to deposit the formula and pull through to the tip to build volume. 

STEP 2: Brush through – Then, using both side of the brush, draw it up through your lashes to capture and magnify every detail of the lash. 

STEP3: Define Each Lash – Twist the brush tip towards your eyes and with an up-and-down motion diffuse the clumps and zoom in on tiny lashes. The new wetter formula allows for increased play time so you can perfect each lash s no lash is left unseen.

So that concludes my first impressions review. Like any beauty product, to truly get a full and honest review, the person giving feedback needs to use it for a while and put it through various challenges and conditions, but as it’s an exciting new release in the beauty world I wanted to make sure it got a bit of spotlight on my blog.  Has it made you want to give it a go?

 Have you tried this mascara out and how did you get on with it? Let me know in the comments…

 Max Factor Lash Epic Mascara is available nationwide RRP £11.99

This is NOT sponsored, but thanks to Max Factor for the review sample.

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