My Birthday Wishlist

I’ve never done one of these type of posts before pre or post birthday because, I don’t know, it kind of feels a bit vulgar. But I do actually like reading other people’s posts, because it’s just another way of finding out about desirable items that are out there, but also seeing what’s floating that particular bloggers boat at that particular time. in my case it’s also useful for sending over to my boyfriend who is always away on tour during my birthday and bugging me to give him pressie ideas, preferably stuff he can buy via his phone or laptop when chilling in a dingy dressing room somewhere in the world. 

If you know me, you’ll know how much I hate my own birthday. I do my best to ignore it each year and I’m very stubborn when it comes to celebrating it. Most years I have been forced out by friends, but I only agree to leave the house if it is understated and intimate. The thought of being the centre of attention and requesting people travel miles and take time out of the week to celebrate, what to me, is just another day, is not appealing in any way. I just don’t need the pressure of being the fun birthday girl and I don’t want to deal with the many possible awkward scenarios that can arise at such events. 

This year my close girlies have suggested we go play Bingo, which is probably quite fitting for someone of my advancing years. Si is also looking into whether I can come out and visit him out on tour on my birthday, but there’s a lot of logistics involved in that, so I’m unsure whether that’s really feasible. Plus I’m completely broke and struggling to afford a train ticket to London right now!

I know it’s just another day, but at the same time it does make you consider the year you’ve had and if I’m honest it’s even harder to feel celebratory when you feel like you’ve gone backwards in every area of your life. I’m earning far less money than this time last year. My mental health is worse. The standard of my YouTube has deteriorated (after my equipment got stolen). Before this turns into yet another rather negative post let me try and muster up some things that have improved….

My skin is ok, and generally better because of my laser treatment at the London Cosmetics Clinic. 

I reached 10,000 on YouTube, so that does mean I surpassed what I believed to be by capabilities. 

I went back to Greece, a place I love. 

I got to visit one of my bucket list destinations, New York.  

I started doing some presenting work about Art. 

And I’m still here.  

Anyhoo, let’s get to the point of this post…

So if I could just have one thing it would be an amazing camera which could mean that I could do all the YouTube and Presenting work I’d love to do and to the standard I yearn for. I keep having to turn down work because I don’t have the quipment and can’t afford to hire a crew, so it would be great to have a camera like the Canon 5D Mark 3, which I could use for interviews, lookbooks, blog posts, beauty tutorials, as well as my talk to camera chatty vids.  I do understand this is something that no one looking to buy me a present would ever be able to afford to gift me, I’ve not completely lost my grip on reality, but money towards it would be fabulous…unless some bored billionnaire happens to be reading this (wink wink). I thought it would be a pretty dull post if I only featured one tech item, so I had huge online window shop last night (whats the online equivelent? Websites don’t have windows obvs) and found some bits and bobs that I thought were pretty and cool. Notice that many of them are classic pieces. I very much want to become someone that chooses to invest in items that will last and look great for years, rather than too much throwaway fashion.

Vans Old School Classic Trainers £52.00

ASOS Saturday Pointed Heels £30.00

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  1. Anonymous
    October 16, 2016 / 4:33 pm

    Hi Sophie! Lovely things on your wish list. I was just thinking, have you thought about setting up crowd funding to see if anyone will donate towards your camera? Also (and I know I'm being a devils advocate here) do you really need such an expensive camera? I see lots of youtubers who say that a point and shoot like Canon G7X is works just as well and it is something like £300. Or maybe the bigger youtubers have cameras that work well and are of high quality but no longer use. You know people like Jenn Im so maybe someone like her has equipment they no longer use but still work really well and produce very high quality images which she could recycle/donate to smaller youtubers. Just a thought!
    I hope you have a lovely birthday and I hope your boyfriend gets you something that will make you really happy 🙂

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