Outfit Post: Femme Grunge

It feels like yonkers since I’ve taken some outfit pictures, probably because it has been. I’ve given the illusion that I am making fashion type content and being a very productive blogger, by posting old holiday snaps or outfit post shots from previous shoots – you know the shots that weren’t the chosen one to be the first instagram of that look. 

It’s going to be hard for me to get away with that behaviour now that I’m a red head and look alarmingly different to my former blonde self.

This may be a suprise transformation for some of you, if you don’t follow me on Instagram or YouTube, I hope it’s a pleasant one though. Do let me know what you think of my new autumnal shade below – although I’ll do a more detailed post about it soon.


Now let’s talk style. These posts are meant to be fashion lead, but I somehow always manage to make them about something else entirely. I’ll try and be a bit firmer today and talk about the aesthetic rather than my currents angsts.

I am currently writing this post at my friend Holly’s house who is also currently a tour widow (her fella is in You Me At Six). We were both planning on having one of those worky, veg out days in front of the TV, so thought it made sense to do it together. It would also be an opportunity to check in with eachother and see how we’re both doing being the ones that are left at home again. The reality is that we are doing pretty good to be honest, and enjoying some of the extra time to ourselves that our other halfs being away gifts us with.

Today I had also made the most of the fact that I have free reign of a large proportion of Simon’s wardrobe. He has to be fairly frugal and selective when it comes to packing for tour meaning that it’s not just his fashion dregs that are left in my wardrobe…..on my floor, in my washing basket, at the end of bed, etc. In fact sometimes he leaves some of his finest wears at home knowing that many of his items will act as a sponge for sweat each night and deteriorate and fester, or inevitably be left in a Travelodge or dressing room somewhere in the country. 

This outfit isn’t exactly trailblazing, I’m definitely not pushing any boundaries, but it does sum up my style fairly well. It’s boyish with a dose of feminity. There’s figure hugging combined, with the silhoette masking. There’s constrasting textures. There’s a noticeable element of Grunge and 90’s trend notes. 

So the item I ‘borrowed’ from Si’s sartorial collection was this shirt from Drop Dead, which I knew I would try and ‘borrow’ the first time I saw it. Drop Dead have a habit of creating menswear that would look just as good styled up by a female -so it means there’s even more things to lust over each time they release a collection, which is actually stress enducing for someone who should really be curbing their spending.

I have always loved  a checked shirt because its an extremely versatile tool in your fashion armery. Not only is it useful for adding a layer, one that has some interest via patterns, it can be worn in so many different ways. You can tie it round your waist, which doubles up as a useful and confidence aiding bum muffler, or do all the buttons up and create a masculine preppy look.

 I used it as layer than would prevent the outfit from boring, and one that would inject that grungey element I freqently crave in an outfit.

Another item from the shop o’ boyfriend is this think knit hoodie from River Island, which is great because it gives you that useful hood, which looks great flopped over a bomber jacket, but it’s also practical for protecting those sensitivie gig weary ears in chilly weather. Does anyone else suffer from excruciating pain in cold and windy weather when their ears are exposed? Might be because mine are big enough to pick up signals from space…

My faithful Zara Mens beanie is back in use for another year. I always prefer a slouchy beanie because form fitting ones seem to make me look like a shrunken pead head, which is a look no fashion blogger is after. The dark grey colour means it pretty much goes with everything, so expect to see it in about 80% percent of my winter vlogs and blogs.

My pink bomber was a Primark steal, the last in the shop and costing about £15, if my memory serves me. I am a little bit obsessed with blush, pink and flesh tones at the moment. I love creating tonal looks with them, that altogether create that high fashion minimal aesthetic. In this case it was very useful in softening this grungey look. Although the shape of bombers is fairly boyish and boxy, the colour made it soft and girly. It also helped to bring together the outfit, because the pink linked up with the pink stripe in the plaid of the DD flannel.

 I’ve put some Vegan Cambridge Blush Dr Martens on my birthday list – they’ll be the first real DM’s I’ve ever had if I do get them! Forever trying to save money I’ve always bought cheap imitations. In this case some chunky flatform boots I got in the Zara sale a few years ago. They’ve ended up being blogging boots, only getting an outing when I’m out with the intention of taking outfit pictures. They’re so stiff I feel like I end up walking like the Tin Man does on the yellow brick road. I guess this is something I’ll have to deal with if I get the DM’s though, I hear they’re a bitch to wear in.

I forgot to put my nose ring in so the only accessory aside from beanie was this silver spine choker from New Look, which you would have seen featured in my LFW outfit posts. I like it as it’s a little less obvious than the black chokers we’ve all been obsessed with this year.

I’d fallen out of love with white jeans for a while. In part due my heavy flow and the fear I feel everytime I dare to take the risk in spite of the unpredictable nature of my monthly’s. My habit for spilling anything high in MSG was also a factor. My thighs and bum have always been the place I gather meat when I’ve had a a period of time that has required a copious amount of comfort eating, and lighter coloured trouser tend to highlight any growth in that area. 

But when I stumbled upon these cream jeans in H and M, with distressed kness and a frayed hem I thought that they were something I could get on board with. The off white colour was somehow more cooler and far more flattering, and didn’t have any of those Sloaney Elizabeth Hurley connotations.

Do you like wearing Menswear items too? Do you find yourself drawn to masculine shapes and style?

Whats the best thing you’ve ever snagged from a boyfriend’s wardrobe?

Let me know below….

What I Wore

Drop Dead Shirt 

H and M Jeans

Zara Boots

Primark Tee

New Look Necklace

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