So this week I uploaded my attempt at a weekly vlog. It’s not my first but it certainly isn’t something I do regularly. I don’t know, it just always feel a bit disruptive and intrusive for the other people in my life who haven’t signed up to have their life online. Si’s away, I had a few nice things going on with  people that are okay about me having the red camera light flashing, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. 

It ended up being a whopping 33 minutes long, so I’m going to wait a little longer before my next upload to give you guys the chance to watch it. At that meaty length it is quite a commitmentso I understand if some of you have to watch in small installments.

Let me know in the comments if you liked it though, if so I will TRY and do them more regularly.

So to go with the vlog I thought I’d post a matching photo diary of that weeks events.

First up the Apple Music Festival. I was kindly invited down by Apple to see One Republic, withthe bonus of a plus one, which is a rare treat. The last time I saw OR was in Bristol in 2008 with an ex-boyfriend. They have had a huge amount of hits since then, so I couldn’t wait to see them live again.

I took my friend Poppy, who I hadn’t caught up with for a while as she’d been away in Florida. She wasn’t familiar with their music, but always makes for good company. Our mutual friend Jon Stone was there directing the filming of the festival. We felt awfully proud seeing him do his thing!

Passenger was the support act and was a very pleasant suprise. When you are only familiar with one song and when you are so exciting about the main event, it can be somewhat tiresome to sit through the poor support acts. Not so in this case. Not only were his vocals stunning, his self deprecating humour made his time on stage a wonderful hybrid of a music and comedy show. He was also great at encouraging participation from the crowd, we were so on his side we would have done anything he asked.

I love the Roundhouse, it is perhaps my favourite venue in London. Okay some of the pillars are inconvenient for taking photos, but you have a pretty great view wherever you stand or sit, and the coloured lights look fantastic pinging around the pillars and and ceiling structure. We couldn’t believe how good the staff were on the night of this Apple Music Festival too, they were so incredibly friendly and helpful making sure we knew where to sit, where to go to the loo, and where to buy food and drink.

You never know how a bands going to play, but thankfully One Republic went for a very crowd pleasing set, playing all the favourites you’d hope for.

It’s very hard to express how good these guys are live, I suggest you head to Apple Music and watch this gig back. They are incredible musicians though and being in their company for an evening your reminded how accomplished they are in creating perfect pop rock songs.

The next day I woke up feeling extremely bunged up. However many times I blew my nose there was still an unexpleasant bubbley sound of snot whenever I breathed in through my nose.  Lovely. Anyway, I message my friend Holly, who I’d said I’d go to London with to see if she still wanted to see me in my state of excess bogey and she said yes.


There was a design festival going on in London so there were all sorts of random pop ups, installations, scultures and events going on around the city, particularly in East London. We decided to head to Shoreditch first to see some of the free offerings in Old Street.

We visited three of Asif Khans tropical escapes which are all just a very short walk away from Old Street station. There was also this prism glass structure that reflected rainbows on us…quite magical!

The first one was a slimline openende greenhouse of sorts, which had seating either side so you could face you friends and chat while surrounded by the foliage. Apparently some people had had a dinner party inside the night before.

The next one was intended for relaxation, and you did feet a lot more closed off from the buzz off East London, helped slightly by it’s position slightly off the main road. To enter this pod you have to duck under the sides, and once inside you are surrounded by the transluscent walls which blur anything going on outside. You can sit up on the ledge and take some time to contemplate…that’s if the knowledge of the queue waiting for their turn outside didn’t perturb you too much. Again there are plants trailing round you, although Holly and I agreed that we’d have oreferred it to be more lush and overgrown.

On route to the next Asif Installation we popped in a few of East London’s quirky shops and cafe’s to enjoy the eccentricity’s and take a few instagram friendly snaps.

The final installation was our favourite because it encouraged creativity and reflection. This was a room with an open door – which caused curiosity for passers by. Inside there were sketchbooks which we were told were a artistic free for all. You can draw what you like, and stay inside this tropical escape doing so for as long as you wish. It was an extremely calming space with people all doodling in their unique styles.

Next up we paid to go the Design Fair that was held inside the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, and although it felt a bit expensive at £15, once we were inside we felt better because it was a vast maze or art and interior design porn. We were also told we could come back whenever we wanted over the weekend too, so you felt you were getting a decent deal for your money.

Holly is actually working as an Interior Stylist assistent at the moment, so this was a perfect place to get ideas and  discover new designers and furniture and fittings brands.

I was there becaise I just like anything to do with design and visuals, but it definitely also gave me ideas for my future home. I definitely want to get some cool light art to have instead of straight forward prints and paintins. I’ve always found neon signs somewhat irresistable, that’s why I’ve always stopped myself from entering Lights of Soho. I know it would break my heart to come away empty handed.

A giant marble…what everyone needs in their life, surely?

I think this is a question we all need to ask ourselves regularly to keep us in check

Holly and I are very into Skani style right now. Simple and natural. Combining wood with white walls and earthy toned fabrics. This bed is dreamy but can you imagine the amoutn of times you’d hit your shin on that sticky out edge. Good for putting my sweety stash on though.

Holly pretending to be super interested in ladders, while also faking the fact that she has absolutely no idea I’m taking her picture. The standard. 

If I ever have my own home I am going to fill it with cacti. Who doesn’t love a cacti?

So there’s a few snaps from that week…As I said eariler let me know if you enjoyed my weekly vlog and I’ll do another. If it was an absolute snorefest we can pretend it never happened. Okay? 

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