Breast Cancer Awareness Month isn’t really over….

October is behind us, which along with saying goodbye to light evenings and the last faint waft of summer, it means that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is now over. But should this change anything? Not really. 

These dates in the diary are useful in giving causes and issues extra emphasis and a push within social media and such-like, but the messages involved, and the need to spread awareness, is constant. 

In my last post I discussed how important it is to share any health worries you have, and how much support of those you share with can really help you if you are affected by something such as Breast Cancer. This is something you should always  keep in mind, should any new health worry enter you life, or the life of someone you know. Don’t bottle it up, hope it will go away, or leave it so long that the anxiety of the unknown overhwlems you. If you don’t feel you can share with those close to you, there are so many organisations to turn to (like Breast Cancer Care) that cater to every unique physical or mental health problem, or suspected issue.

Breast Cancer Care encouraged those wanting to raise money during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to hold a Big Pink event. If you head to the site they helpfully offer a free kit which has lots of Big Pink goodies to help you make the event as fun (and as pink) as possible.

There are no rigid rules about what form this event should take. Anything goes….

For me its tricky to find a night that more than one person is free (many of my friends have kids or work evenings). We either have to schedule things in the diary months in advance (which often means we have drop outs) or we have to do it rather spur of the moment meanings its all a bit hurried and slap dash…but always fun. 

So for my Big Pink event I rallied the troops, with a couple of soliders able to spend their Friday night honouring the charity with a pink themed night of pampering and snack eating. 

I’m not a drinker, but the other ladies decided that the money they would have spent on a Friday night drink sesssion that they would give to the charity. For me a night at a local friends house rather than a trip to London means that I didn’t spend money on an overpriced Travelcard. So that was the money I donated.

I guess what I’m trying to get across is that you shouldn’t be put off from putting on an event, such as a Pink Pink shindig, because you’re busy or have little spare time because you can adapt it to fit round your lifestyle.  It can be as brief or as low key as you like. But of course if you want to go big that’s more than fine too..

Perhaps you can each gather all your pink products and set up an amateur beauty parlour for a lunchbreak or evening. Perhaps you could all bake some pink cupcakes and bring them in to the office….cake is always a good idea.

 Why not colour eachother’s hair (like I did with my Fudge Hair Art Spray), post a selfie, and spread the word about the charity or any facts you feel need to be reminded in terms of self checking your breasts in the caption.

If you are a hair/beauty blogger you will find that people will be more likely to click on links and images that fit in with your usual content, so it may be the most effective way of getting the info out there. 

And please remember that Breast Cancer affects males too, so don’t think that the event you put on has to have a girly slant – although what does that even mean in 2016? What I mean is, it doesn’t have to be sterotypically girly….it could be a football match, a games nights, pub quiz, boot camp fitness session…. As long as you’re getting people together, talking, sharing, and raising awarness…and some money.

 As you can see from my pictures we didn’t put on an highly-instagrammable, perfect and glossy party. This was just some girls vegging out on calorific food, having a good catch up about health, life, (annoying) boys and work, and taking some time to do some much needed pampering.

From a selfish point of view, it really does you some good to have one of these chilled evening at home with some close friends. Life can feel relentless at times, so it’s great to find a reason to slow down, collect your thoughts and reflect. It’s during these evenings you really find out what is going on with your loved ones too because there’s time to ease yourselves into a conversation and feel comfortable. When you have those brief chats when you bump into eachother unexpectedly (or when you with your other halves) you tend to opt for the quicker responses saying things like ‘Yeah, everythings fine with me’ even if it really isn’t.

I know it feels like you are constantly being asked to donate to a charity – I know that I have one of those faces that seems to mean I get stopped 20 times a day when I’m in London. What I liked about this was that the Big Pink gave me opportunity to do one donation and it didn’t even feel like any kind of hardship, even as someone who is in dire straits financially.

Did you get involved in The Big Pink? If so let me know in the comments what you got up to…

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