I’m already a big fan of Maria Nila, their true soft Masque is one of my bathroom stalwarts. As my former blonde self I also tried the their Pink Pop colour refresh, which I was similarly impressed with. 

But this is a new hair era for me, one which see’s me having to adapt my well oiled routine and having to figure out how to resolve brand new hair issues.

I am now a redhead, something which feels so odd to even type. I have always been a blonde (even if I have messed around with pink, peach and denim tints for short periods). Because I have had long thick blonde hair for the majority of my life it has become one of the main visual things that people refer to if asked to describe me. It’s almost my trademark, if I was big and important enough to have such a thing.

Despite the initial shock, I’ve become accustomed to the appearance of my new look surprisingly quickly. However there are some down sides about my fiery adaptation.

One of the most surprising and slightly unfortunate things about being a redhead is the up-keep. I’ve realised just how easy I had it being a beachy blonde. I am a natural blonde, but have 2 or 3 trips a year to have some brightening highlights added. I’ve always requested that they be subtle and that there is always a few cm of roots so that it wouldn’t matter if I didn’t return to the salon for 6 months. The aesthetic was of someone who had been travelling, the hair had become bleached by the blazing sun, but now I was back (and probably depressed) and the hair had grown out a bit. It was low maintanence, which was essential for me as someone that has little time, money, or inclination to look after themselves. 

As you can see from the before and after results it gives the effect of a gloss or a tint, and works more of an enhancement of my existing faded shade of red/brown. This isn’t a dye so won’t lighten the hair, just increase the saturation level of the colour.

I could see some of of my natural dark blonde coming through so I wanted to see if the colour refresh would also work as an affective way of getting my roots done, because I need to save money where possible and regular trips to the salon for maintanance aren’t really high on my list of priorites (or at least they shouldn’t be). I made sure I put a lot of product on the root area to ensure it coloured the fresh hair, but because of this I ended up with a few patches of tinted skin. Just something to be wary of if your a hair colouring novice like me.

I think this picture best demonstrates the different. It’s as though someone has changed the picture settings, increasing the temperature and saturation. After 3 weeks of washing since my dye job (and seeing orange tinged bath tubs and towels) my hair had lost its vibrancy and was on its way to being mousy brown. There’s nothing wrong with that but when I saw myself with it, when part way through my transofrmation, I realised it did my face and colouring no favours. I’m a sickly person and my appearance often mirrors this, so warmth in my barnet helps me look more alive.

When I had my hair transformation at Headmasters (from blonde to red) the ends of my hair were more of a dark brown, with far less red content. The colourist told me that’s because the hair is old and damaged so it didn’t take the dye as well. Although it’s still not as bright as the mid and root of my hair, the colour refresh definitely brightened it and injected a bit more of a warmth.

So how did I achieve my oophed hair with Maria Nila? Well, it was ridiculously easy actualy, and seems to me to be perfect product for those that are new to looking after coloured hair or inexperienced in hair dying processes.  Just wash your hair like normal then towel dry. I choose to dab and squeeze my hair with a towel rather than rub vigorously. Because I have lots of hair, with each strand being quite thin, it is very prone to tangles and towel drying can cause havoc. Being rough with hair when it’s wet can also cause damage, so I try to handle it with care. Then put on some gloves on to protect your skin from stains, and then pump out the product in your hand. I got out of the bath and stood in front of the mirror so I could be as certain as possible I had covered all of my hair with the product. I’ve realised that it’s a lot harder with darker hair. I’m used to not having a very systematic approach to covering my hair with tints, because when you have blonde hair its very easy to see where the colour has already been added. Next time I will section the hair and apply the product in stages to guarantee I’ve done a thorough job. 

Slightly unsure I’d applied the product everywhere I combed through to increase the chances of an even distribution. The instructions say to leave from 3-10 minutes depending on the intensity you desire.  I opted for the full ten as I wanted that fiery punch of colour back. It would also mean it may last a lot longer which is ideal for someone who uses the excuse of working from home to avoid washing/grooming of any kind. Once the chosen time was up I rinsed with cool water – you always hear hair guru YouTubers suggesting this over hot temperatures. I then used my normal conditioner, which I guess is a stage in the process which will help seal in that new colour, as well as doing it’s usual good work.

As soon as I started drying my hair I could see the difference. Once again it was catching the light beautifully, much like it did on the day I stepped out the salon and swished my way home. It looked healthy and shiny I guess due to the wonder ingredient, Argan Oil and it didn’t have a ghastly toxic or chemical smell. It’s paraben and sulphate free, as well as being 100% Vegan, so you are left with a very plesant but almost undetectable scent, with hair that feels and looks nourished and re-energised.

There’s a whole range of hues within the redhead spectrum, so don’t worry if this copper shade isn’t quite the level of warmth or tone you’re looking to inject. Maria Nila also offer up an aplty titled Autumn Red which will allow you enhance a deeper shade – catering for those that desire plum, wine, and raspberry locks. 

But don’t forget there’s nothing stopping you from combining these two shades and doing some experimenting. Perhaps a combination of the two mixed together would create your dream shade. Alternatively you could section your hair and incorporate strands of both if you prefer hair that isn’t one colour – this could create hair that resembles the stunning amalgamation of warm tones we see covering the treescapes over these insta-worthy post-summer months. 

If you do choose to combine the shades together to create a brand new custom colour, mix in a bowl and ensure theye are completely merged together, but most importantly make sure you have mixed enough to cover all of your hair (or the part of your hair you wish to colour). It’s nearly impossible create a DIY shade that is exactly the same, and you don’t want to end up with a patchy and unprofessional finish.

The masque contains
temporary pigments that gradually are washed out of the hair. The colour stays between 4-10 washes.  The Colour Refresh range comes in 13 different shades – including Cacao Red, Bright Red and Vivid Violet, which would also be fabulous if you are trying to create an autumnal look.

result of the colour depends on the hair’s existing colour or quality.
The lighter shades are thereby more suited for light coloured hair while
the darker shades works on both light and dark coloured hair. On my darkenedd hair the Bright Copper created a rich and luxurious colour, but I imagine on my former blonde self it would have created a more cartoonish, pop-art orange.

So if you have multi-tonal hair before your session with Mila Nila’s Colour Refresh you will still have a multi tonal colour afterwards – albeit with a new tint or level intensity. You can see from my images I don’t have one even colour all over because my hair prior to using the Bright Copper masque had section that were darker (the ends and underneath sections).

I like to include negatives or at least consider possible down sides so that my reviews feels honest and well rounded , but it’s really hard to think of anything with this particular product. I guess at 29 Euros it may sound expensive, but when you consider how many uses you get out of one 300ml bottle, the brand’s values and commitment the company has to treating their workers well and using healthy and ethical ingredients, and the quality of the results, it really does feel like a fair price. Yes, I have used far cheaper products in the past and they were perfectly adequete, but they lacked the richness that this one gives you, and the company that created them didn’t have quite as impressive business morals. You also have to factor in how many trips to the salon this will save you from, and the money you will therefore be able to spend on other (perhaps more important) things. 

Plus there’s a lot to bed said about the convenience factor. The fact that you can do it whenever time suits, in the comfort of your own home, and in less than 10 minutes. I know that sounds a lot less faff to me, and I have enough faff in my life already, I really don’t need my hair to add to that.

Ah yes!! I’ve thought of one thing, which is really more about me being a mucky pup. I put my gloved hand on the side of the bath which left some of the vivd product glaring against the white of the enamel. I forgot to wipe it off straight away, and now it’s being pretty stubborn and left a hefty stain. I’ve currently hidden it under the bath matt which I drape over the bath over use. I’m hoping to be able to google ‘what gets dye off baths’ and find a solution before my mum discovers my mishap. She warned me before to be careful and I said ‘Yeah, yeah’ as if to say she was being silly to worry, which was stupid of me considering my lengthy history and clear proficiency at making a mess!

 New to the brand?

Well where the devil have you been? SKANDI is so big right now and these guys as one of my fave brands under that trendy umbrella. Aside from the quality of the product and the pleasing asethetic of the packaging, the company also have a wonderful ethos which is worth highlighting.

They produce all of their products in Sweden. Their
developers and chemists carefully choose every single ingredient that will be
processed into a final product. We have product development, production
and filling in their own production plant in Helsingborg.

Due to the fact they are in charge of all steps of the production process,  means they are able
to guarantee healthy working conditions and the high quality of the
ingredients used and the packaging. 

Nilas brand’s philosophy is to produce the best product possible without
compromising the hairs’ health or the environments. They made a choice to take
responisiblity and ensure their products and organization make a positive
impact on society.

Whenever they look to expand their already impressive range and create new products, they work to delve in to the latest research and find the most healthy ingredients for the scalp,
the animals and the environment. None of the products have been tested on
animals and they constantly strive to make all of their products
100 %

 Have you tried these products before? Has this post made you want to try them? Let me know in the comments.

This was NOT a sponsored post, but thank you to Push PR for the review sample.


  1. February 28, 2017 / 6:26 pm

    I was sent your shampoo and conditioner in the post for trial. I had been waiting for you to email me but as I have not heard from you I am sending you my review on here. These products are amazing and well worth the money. It made my coloured hair soft and durable and has helped it grow much quicker and keep it's colour. In fact it improved the colour. I truly would recommend this product to my friends and family who colour their hair. In fact I have already spread the word. Thank you so much for allowing me to trial this product. I will definitely be buying this product in the future. It puts other shampoo and conditioners to shame.

  2. July 12, 2017 / 8:07 am

    Hi Sophie!! I've a question because I don't know if I can see the results of this masques also on my natural hair colour. Thank you😚

  3. July 12, 2017 / 8:09 am

    Hi Sophie!! I've a question because I don't know if I can see the results of this masques also on my natural hair colour. Thank you 😚

  4. Louise
    September 6, 2019 / 10:18 pm

    This is amazing totally transformed my hair. I’m allergic to hair dye and this has made me so happy I can finally have nice glossy brown hair.

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