New Faves and Geeking Out

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately. My face has taken a while to recover from both an allergy break out and an infection in a nerve in my cheek that makes my face swell, ooze, and do some other fairly gross stuff. It’s now at a level where I can hide it enough that I feel okay-ish about putting current day pictures of myself on the interweb again. 

As this blog post unfolds you’ll find that its being used as an excuse to tell you about one of my current favourite online stores (Zaful), but also talk about David Bowie….because I will always try and shoehorn him into as many conversations, articles, videos as possible. 

So, a couple weeks ago I took my first trip to Comic Con. I’m not a huge fan of computer games, comics and a lot of the cultish scenes/worlds covered at the event, but I am obsessive about movies in general, so there was still plenty on display to get my geeky juices going.  I made a decision that I woudn’t allow myself to go nuts when it came to spending, because I really don’t need more trinkets, artefects, toys etc…my house is overgrown with piles from my youth that I still can’t bare to part with. However, I did decide that if I found some awesome t-shirts connected to some of my favourite nostaglic movies I may allow myself to be a little bit indulgent.

Five minutes in to the chaos and multi sensory bizareness that resides at Excel over that weekend, I stumbled across a stall of dreams. There were rows and rows of merch Tees of pretty much every iconic, cult, franchise, comic TV/FILM you’ve ever loved or at least heard of. But not only that, there were tees, jackets and hoodies representing my favourite bands and artists too. I could feel my grip on my finaces loosen as my eyes scanned the impressive selection. I could even start hearing voices in my head reassuring me that it was ok to buy lots because….

‘They’d get so much wear’ 

‘I’d regret it if I didn’t make the most of the opportunity’

‘I need some mementos from my day at Comic Con…surely’

‘It would make good content, people love hauls’

 You get the picture. In short, there was no way I would be able to drag myself away from that store without spending more than I should. Which also means I would have to try and smuggle it to my bedroom, otherwise I may have to deal with another chat from the parents about my financial woes and stuff like…responsibility.

So as well as a marl grey Gremlins tee, and a David Bowie one, I also discovered a Labyrinth one. I can’t say I stumbled upon it I actually asked the guy to check his computer database to see if he had one with him. Sadly the mens fit ones were already gone but they had a woman’s one left. It wasn’t the fit I generally go for but the print was so cool, I HAD to have it. 

When I excitedly whatsapped some friends pictures of my purchases many of them replied (lightheartedly and with no malice) referring to me as a geek. I didn’t flinch or see reason to argue with this, and it made me realise how my relationship with that word has changed over the years.

I think when you’re at school being described as a geek can be derogatory, perhaps highlighting that you’re not of the mould to be able fit in with the ‘cool’ people. Sometimes it was used because you appeared to prioritise studies/education and being a well-behaved student over having fun or joining in with the class clowns. Sometimes the label would be attached if you didn’t put an emphasis on keeping up with fashion and what the other kids were wearing on mufty day, or weren’t wearing the type of school shoes that were the must-have at the time. Occasionally it was because you were simply uncool and geeky by association. 

I remember this one guy was picked on and called a nerd, geek (and all similar titles) due to his apparent obsession with Dinosoars. Although I was never bullied and was lucky enough to get on well with all the different groups (and levels of coolness) at school, there were still there odd comment and gentle teasing regarding some of my obsessions and interests. I used to make scrap books about Manchester United, and I remember bringing them with me to a school trip and people finding them in my rucksack and laughing at my effort and dedication and unwillingness to just leave it at home. I also remember some people thinking I was silly for being so die hard about certain bands and the fact I’d show my allegiance by tipexing their logos on my pencil case and folders.

Now as someone well in to adulthood (not that my situation mirrors that) I have a better handle on the word and what it means, or at least how I believe it should be interpreted. If you are conscientious and hard-working that’s a great thing, and no-one should not be judged negatively for it. I have huge amount of admiration for people that put in effort and go the extra mile, and those who don’t just talk about what they want from life, they make changes and steps to try and enhance their career or life so they can tick off those goals.

There there’s passion. When you see people eyes get bright and twinkly when they talk about whatever it is that truly tickles them or makes their heart swell.  When there vioces increase in speed at pitch when they talk about it. When you’re so into something your happy to devote much of your time, conversation, and sometimes even money, to it. But it’s more about how it makes your day a bit more fulfilled and joyous, or how it give you things to look forward to. Perhaps that things encourages you to think or create or even socialise. Geeking out on something is fantastic!

I personally think life would be very dull if we didn’t have those people, hobbies, interests or objects that made us giddy, and even a bit ridiculous at times.  I love that my obsession with movies means there is always something that can keep me occupied at home. I will never run out of movies to watch and every first viewing of a film will bring that amazing excitement of wondering whether it will become a new favourite. Maybe I could discover a new actor that makes me believe everything he is saying and who has the ability to draw me completely in to the story. Perhaps I’ll be swept up in the emotion due to an atmospheric score. Perhaps I’ll be inspired by the visuals which will end up being imitated in my YouTube videos. Then there’s those bands, the ones I play every single day, and have done since I was a teen. The songs that I make everyone I care about listen to until they agree with me about their greatness.

Funny how one Labyrinth Tee has made me go off on a tangent , but I just wanted to write down in case anyone reading has been labelled and Geeky and is still at the stage where they see it as a negative. Please go forth and carry on enjoying that thing that makes you happy. Life’s short, so if there’s a thing that can sprinkle or even dollop some happiness on your day that’s a wonderful thing, whatever anyone else thinks about it! Plus there’s nothing less attarctive than apathy, I like to be around people who care about something, even if it’s not the something I care about. 

You will have seen the brand Zaful mentioned on this blog numerous times over the summer. They were responsible for 100% of my holiday swimwear this year and I was so happy with all three sets of bikinis. Not only were the colours and prints wonderful, they fitted so well, which I think is the most important thing when you’re purchasing swimwear. You want to feel nipped in where intended,  and covered up and enhanced where desired. In terms of our style moments, most of us feel at our most vulnerable when scantily clad on the beach, so finding suits and sets that make you feel comfortable is key. Although these are still in prime condition after my holiday ( no bleaching, bobbly, or stretching) I can imagine I will return to Zaful for next summer’s beach-wears as I’m sure they’ll have even more irresistable numbers. 

With the success I’ve had with the website over the last few months I can’t help but feel a little bit miffed that I’ve only just discovered it. If you love high street trends and they way they filter and translate high end designer looks to make there more wearable for us normal folk, then you will LOVE the offerings on Zaful

But the best thing is the prices. Not only do most products seem to be noticeably more affordable than other high street alternatives, there are often sales and offers on the site which make your splurges even more guilt-free.  

The site is also very user friendly and I have been hugely impressed with how fast the deliveries arrive.  


My love affair with biker jackets has been long one, but I have to admit to being a bit of a floosey throughout. I’m always looking for the perfect one, but during my ongoing quest find numerous examples to settle with while my hunt for perfection continues. 

My wardrobe/loft/coat cupboard/brothers bedroom has become a bit of a faux leather and suede graveyard,  there lies discarded jackets who failed to stay for the long haul due to their failings in having quite the right fit, hardwear, level of shine, lapel size…and so on.

Till a couple of weeks ago I didn’t have a brown one in circulation, but now I have it in my possession it takes prime position on the coat rack, and I really don’t know how I lived without it. You always imagine that black coats are the most sensible purchase due to their versatility and ability to go with pretty much everything, but I’ve found the same to be true for this brown one. Not only does it seem to go with most colour combinations, it feels a bit less harsh than a black biker and adds a bit more warmth to my pasty winter skin. It’s faux suede too which is fab if like me you are trying to be a bit more conscious about your fashion/beauty purchases, but it also means it is incredible comfortable and moulds to the body. The crop style of this jacket also makes it ideal to be paired with high waisted items like the denim skirt, and most of my jeans. So although the hunt for the perfect black leather biker rolls on, this one has filled the brown biker quota.

I just adore this denim skirt, it’s a more grown up approach to the style staple. I used to be all about the denim mini skirts with the distressed hems that you’d wear with spaghetti strap or silky slip tops for nights out or on summer holidays. The last few seasons I’ve moved on to the A-line button denim skirts in dark denim, that I could wear in the summer of team with tights and jumpers in the chillier months. But upon discovering this midi length slit pencil skirt I feel my denim relationship has evolved further into a territory that’s a bit classier (and probably a bit more age appropriate). 

I decided to team with my Ziggy Stardust-esque Silver boots (New Look) because I have short leg from knee to ankle which can look a bit squat in a midi length if not given a boost by heels. But for those a bit more blessed or who prefer a comfortable look, you could easily pair with some converse style shoes.  

It looks far more expensive that it’s price tag too, thanks to the gold buttons and quirky off centre placement. I also think a dark denim always looks a bit more luxurious and smart too.

 What do you think of this look? Have you shopped at Zaful? What do you geek out on?

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