Pushing Your Passions: Photography

If you follow me on Social Media you may have seen my tweets today regarding my love of photography and my desire to push it further by asking if people I know are willing to be the subjects of my images. Over the last few months in particular I have been using it as a reason to leave the house for a few hours and escape my dingy daily environment – my bed, which also doubles up as my office…actually doubles isn’t the right word. In fact, my bed is the hub of every aspect of my life – its where I eat my meals, where I chill with Si, where I write my invoices and where I do all of my blogging and YouTube work. Cabin fever doesn’t cover it. I digress…

My friend Leila has a hand in this week’s decision to push my photography. She recently said something about listening to your gut, and about how when you do you end up on the path you’re meant to be on, one which will hopefully lead to a happy or more fulfilled life. 

I’ve been aware of my love of capturing images for years, but my lack of confidence has always held me back, like it does in most areas of my life. I deduced that the enjoyment of something wasn’t enough, and that I needed to be talented or good at it – or have some proof that this is the case. But how will you ever know if you have a flair for anything if you don’t ever truly give it a go? 

Life is a bugger at times so surely anything that gives you pleasure should be something you endeavour to do as regaulrly as possible ( as long as it’s legal of course). 

I get a boost and some much needed mental clarity out of being outside with nature or incredible architecture. I get a thrill out of visualising and playing with composition. I love playing with light, angles, colour and textures. I also get a kick out of experiementing and the process of trial and error, because I get satisfaction out of knowing that I’ve learned something from that particular session of photo taking. 

You can tell how much I love it because this post was meant to be image based but I’ve ended up waffling again , but anything that makes you talk at 100 miles per hour and has your hands gesturing like an eccentric conductor, well you know that’s is something that should be a significant part of your life. 

I don’t have an amazing camera or loads of impressive looking lenses, but that’s not going to stop me, and nor should it. I’ve adore images made via poloroids, photobooths, phones and disposable cameras – it’s not about how many megapixels you’ve got in your armory.

So my friend Holly has knitted an impressive scarf and she wanted some pictures of it taken. Yesterday it wasn’t raining (hooray) so I said let’s meet up and take some snaps quickly. While I was in the company of this beautiful face I asked if she’d mind me taking some pictures for practise purposes too. These don’t have any concept or thought process behind them, they’re merely trying to capture the beauty of my friend and the Autumn leaves.

I’d love to practice on some more faces so let me know if you’re willing to be a guinea pig! 

As I said before this wasn’t meant to be a wordy post, but I do want to urge everyone to do more of the things that make you feel vital, alive, happy or excited. Don’t let those niggly doubting voices put you off, push them away and just go and bloody do it. 

P.S The shots I specifically took for Holly are not in this post, so keep an eye on her social media for those.

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