I was going to dedicate one blog post to the generational versatility of this fab monchrome checked coat by Jacques Vert where you’d see lots of outfit shots of my mum and I styling it up in our different ways. Unfortunately, my tri-yearly nerve infection that occurs in my cheek, causing swelling and a rather grotesque looking wound to appear on my face, has decided to flare up this week. Feeling and looking far from outfit-post ready, but with my usual obsession with taking pictures and creating content still in tact, I decided I dedicate a whole post to my mum look ever so chic in our new oversized check coat by Jacques Vert.

I say ‘our’ because it was originally sent for me, but when I saw it I knew my mum would look wonderful in it too, so I insisted she try it on. I could tell by the way she popped the collar and glanced in the mirror with a subtle smile that she was rather pleased with the outcome. So I suggested we do this style based blog post together, and then that she could have the coat (as long as I could still borrow it of course).

As someone who is still living at home, at an age where I should be settled in my home and completely self sufficient, I always feel a certain level of guilt. I know that I am eating in to what should be their selfish and relaxing retirement years, but instead they are having to deal with the many stresses that their daughters brings to the home, not to mention the financial and emotional support they have/choose to give. It makes me very happy when I can do very small things like give them some samples that I think they’ll find useful or enjoyable to use, take them to an event, or take them to dinner when I am doing restaurant reviews. Hopefully one-day I can do something humungous to show my appreciation. I digress…

My mum doesn’t treat herself to clothes very often. To her clothes are more about practicality and comfort, and she doesn’t really buy into trends or the notion or keeping up with fashion – I think she feels it’s a tad excessive. In part because she is from a very different generation. The whole disposable fashion thing is very new to her, and like many of her age group, she doesn’t understand why we may need more than one pair of trainers, or multiple of any one item for that matter, while we can argue our purchases by pin-pointing trends, the minute evolutions /diversions of trends, and the celebrities/bloggers that have given cause for the need to buy…another pair of boots in my case. 

She always says ‘ I don’t have anywhere to wear it to,’ if I pull something out from the rail that I think she’d look lovely in, that happens to differ from her uniform of straight jeans, loafers and a polo neck. I tell her that these items don’t have to be for special occasions, you can wear them every day, as there are no rigid rules as to how smart/casual you have to dress. I also remind her that if she has the clothing items that she deems too dressy/trendy/statement in her wardrobe, it may give her a reason to arrange those days/nights out that reqiure something a bit more snazzy. Snazzy… haha I’m even using mum type words in this post.

These boots are a fine example. I got these for her with a press discount I had at Clarks. I encouraged her to get them because she still has fabulous slim legs (she’s 67), and they really should be shown off more. She won’t wear a knee length skirt anymore even though she looks great in them, but I thought I may be able to persuade her to wear a high leg boot with some slim fitting jeans, particularly if they were comfrotable and easy to wear – whether it was her walking day with the girls, or a day of food shopping and other errands. They were practical as well as stylish, so she failed to find an argument against them and agreed to make a purchase.

But as I began styling her for this morning’s shoot, she confessed that she’s never worn the boots since trying them on in store (2 years ago), once again going back to the ‘fact’ that she doesn’t have an occasion to wear them, and using the very lame excuse that they’re too hot. However as the outfit came together, she realised what a chic and comfortable Autumn/Winter look this is and promised that this year she would start wearing the boots regularly. 

The outfit manages to look classic yet contemporary, and that’s largely thanks to this wonderful coat.

The large check is what makes this coat feel modern, and something that teens/twenty/thirty somethings would love to wear – as well as people like my mum. However the good thing about a checked pattern is that it will always be in fashion – it’s a style classic. The monochrome colourway means that it will always look classy too, as well as being extremely wearable.

But it’s not just the colour and print that gives it a comtemporary feel, it’s the tailoring too. The overszied and mannish silhouette means that it has an effortless feel to it, giving off the impression that the wearer hasn’t tried too har . I think mum looks like one of those innately stylish women who just throw things on and manages to look annoyingly elegant – the type you see doing their food shopping at farm shops. The beauty is that I didn’t make her wear anything hugely out of her comfort zone either. Rather than wearing a drab and plain jacket with her usual failsafe polo neck and jeans combo, she has replaced it with this eye-catching but classic Jacques Vert number, and instead of her flat pumps/loafers she’s got on a below the kneeboot that is neither dressy or overly practical looking.

I know she is chuffed with her new look too, because when I was showing her the pictures I took she said she was suprised that she actually liked some of them. Much like her daughter she is someone who generally hates every image take of her, so the fact she actually liked a few of the photo’s is a BIG deal. She ever asked me to send some too her.  Mission accomplished I think you’ll agree. 

So in the next Jacques Vert themed post (when my face has deflated) you’ll see how I choose to wear this stunning and wonderfully cosy coat. Go give my mum some love in the comments. It was gutsy of her to agree to have herself model for my blog, and I think you’ll agree she did a fab job, although she said there’s no way she’ll agree to a swim wear shoot!

 The OVERSIZED CHECK COAT is currently on sale for £149.00

This is NOT a sponsored post but the coat was gifted by the lovely team at Jacques Vert

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