A little while ago you may remember another member of the Eggleton clan wearing this stunning monochrome coat. Just to jog your memories….The lovely ladies at Jacques Vert sent me this fabulous winter classic to style-up, but when it arrived my mum eyes widened – to use on biblical language she was ‘coveting’. I encouraged her to try it on and it looked fabulous on her, so I happily agreed that she could take hostage of it for the majority of the season. I actually ended up using my mum as the model in that week’s outfit post – a role she took too extremely well despite her faux protestations – boy did she ‘work it’.

It was thoroughly convenient for me too, as that week I was having one of my face meltdowns, where everything that could swell or ooze decided to club together and have a party on my face.  

Today I woke up and did my daily thing of looking in the mirror and surveying the effects of a nights sleep – which usually results in new and painful spots, a few creases and some sleepy crust (I’ve been nicknamed the coissant). Today my skin was completely clear, which I think is a once a year occurance. Okay, so there was still the gaping pores that are wide enough to carry noodle soup, and there’s the old acne scarring, but in terms of live and fresh zit-age, the canvas was unpainted.

Despite planning a day of hermitting and hardcore blogging which would in turn give myself RSI, I decided to make the most of my clear skin and take some pictures of this wonderful coat. Let’s face it, merely writing down that I’ve got no spots is enough to curse me and ensure I wake up with the most beastly of breakouts tomorrow, so I thought I just gotta make the most of it content wise. 

So let’s talk about this coat and why it’s such a must-have. First of all the mannish fit gives it an instant coolness. Wearing anything oversized can completely change the overall look of your ensemble. My friends that I put into the ‘cool’ catagory style wise onle ever buy a size or more bigger than they are when they purchases outer wear. Often the ‘cool’ chicks I know often menswear to achieve this more slouchy or boxy fit. It’s funny how buying larger can inject both grungey and luxury, depending on the item you choose to supersize, and what you pair it with. 

Wearing large flannels and relaxed fir denim jackets can give you that 90’s seattle inspired look, but a wool coat with strong or enlarged shoulders connotes power and elegance. I think of all those strong and successful women strutting down city streets in old movies, often barking orders down their mobile phones, the early models that were almost the size of a loaf of bread. The sort of women who didn’t need men and just saw them like Cher did….like dessert.

Another great attribute is the large checked pattern, which elevates this classic coat to a statement piece. It has the ability to instantly transform any muted or mundane outfit selection. The beauty of it though, is that the pattern isn’t so fussy, intricate or bold, that it becomes limiting. Despite it’s pattern being a striking feature of it’s design, it takes nothing away from it’s versatility.

So let’s talk about how I styled it today, and how it differs from my mother’s look.

I was hoping to team the coat with my new Vegan Cherry Red Dr. Martens, but over a month after my birthday I still don’t have them in my possession – grrrr. Despite the lack of my desired fruity pair, I did want to still team it with Dr. Martens to instantly make the look more youthful. The great thing about the brand is that they are classic, steeped in history – a heritage brand, but they also have an edge…which I like.

I don’t know why I opted to put on a beret that I’ve not only not worn for about 15 years but not been aware that I still have, particularly when I actually only bought it for fancy dress purposes, but the look just needed some je ne sais quoi. I could have opted for a knitted beanie, but I felt there was already enough variation in terms of textures going on and I thought it would end up looking a bit fussy or mismatched. The fact that this berry is felt and smooth in texture made it the ideal accessory to complete this look. Anything that gets me close to resembling one of those frustratingly chic french women has to be a good thing too!

Now for the jumper choice. For me it was a bit too obvious to go for a white or black jumper and stick to the predictable monochrome theme. However, I’m still not fully confident on what colours work with my new hair shade, so I opted for a tried and tested (Primark) knit that I know compliments it well. I’ve always been a fan of blush tones, and this soft dusky pink is extremely feminine and flattering – I think it would go with most people’s colourings. I love a cable knit too, particularly a clouchy one, I think it’s just a lovely effortless winter look.

These Missguided leather-look (don’t worry they’re faux) trousers are another outfit choice which immediately levers the look to a youhtful and edgy place. Not going to lie, they’re great trousers to wear when out in the frost and cold, but when you step into a pub, house, train which has amped up the heating, you start to feel like your legs are meat that are being marinated in time for dinner.

PSSSST……another bonus point of going for an oversized coat is that it makes your legs look slimmer, which is a bit plus for me during winter when I tend to comfort eat and my hours of exercise goes into minus figures. Talking of comfort eating, have you guys tried those Drumstick Squashies…the effect they have on me is the same as the effect Dreamies have on the neighbourhood cats. Dangerous.

Now I know a lot of my younger readers won’t have shopped at Jacques Vert, or perhaps even considered it, but please, I urge you, be less rigid in where you allow yourselves to browse. If you only stick to the list of stores you believe to be correct for your age or style you could be seriously missing out.  These days no brand or shop is a no go to me (unless I ardently don’t agree with it’s values), because over the years I have discovered some gems in many unexpected shopping destinations. I know you want to tag in ‘cool’ or ‘edgy’ companies in your instagram outfit posts, but the most important thing for fashion fans is surely how good you look and feel in the clothes, and how much you love the item in question. My favourite boots came from a store I use to label ‘mums only’, my favourite shirt is from mens shop, and my most beloved bomber comes from a car boot sale. I’m always saying people should be open, and it applies to your fashion shopping habits too.

Now for some more photography spam, all taken on my trusty LUMIX GM1

I struggle to find many positives to
getting older – I am one of those women who will probably attempt to
hide their age when they reach 40, have some sort of mid life crisis
freak out and buy something very inappropriate, and be the person people
whisper ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ about. But I do like how much close my
mum and I are these days, and how in tune a lot of our thoughts and
taste are, and continue to be, with the passing of the years. Shopping
together has become pleasureable, a far cry from the arguments and
tears during my teen years. We are both even both accepting of
eachother’s opinons when it comes to what we wear, because we don’t feel
as big a gap or difference in our image goals as their once was. Apart from
relationship benefits of this new found synergy, it also means our wardrobes have
expanded considerably, because we now share our clothes. It’s quite cute
when my mum comes to my room for fashion advice, and warm my heart now she
actually takes it!!

What I wore..

Jacques Vert Coat

Primark Jumper

Missguided Faux Leather Trousers

Dr Martens Vegan Boots (Black)

Costume Beret

What do you think of this winter coat? Have you got yours yet, if so where did you get it?

Thanks for stopping by!

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