First of all I hope we can all agree that a significant part of the beauty journey/evolution of our life is dedicated to the hunt for the perfect nude lip product. In the same we that we have all have a personal preference in terms of the type of bare body we like to gaze upon and enjoy, we all have differing views about what makes the perfect nude lip colour, or the perfect lip colour for that moment.

I made a point of saying ‘for the moment’ because on a girly day, when I want to amp up or embrace my inner femme, or feel soft and pretty, then I tend to veer towards nude shade that have a warmth to them. I’ll go for one that has a definite pink or peach undertone that looks fairly close to what a natural lip does -albeit a Disney cartoon natural hue. If I want to feel strong, sophisticated and like I mean business in a fairly mature way, I’ll look to the ones that are closer to warm brown or dusky terracotta. If I’m feeling emo (which is a fairly regular thing even at my old age) or if my look requires a hint of edge or modernity then I’ll look one that has a purple or grey emphasis.

This Caramel 2 shade is a perfect everyday shade. It’s fairly subtle, but gives you lips enough of a boost to ensure you look like you’ve made an effort to face the day.

Unlike the Kat von D Liquid Lipsticks, that require some drying time before the shine turns to matte, these leave their velvet matte finish as soon as they are applied with the Doe Foot Applicator. I find it fairly easy to apply to the shape of my lips and accurately fill in my cupids bow. With this nude shade you can get away without applying a liner first. 

The formula feels incredibly moisturising and comforting when first applied, and the product remains moveable on your lips for a few minutes if you require to spread it around a bit by pressing your lips together. 

Like all matte products it eventually feels a bit dry, but no more than any others I have tried, and considering it’s very fair price point it does well as keeping your lips from getting like a danish pastry.

At £2.99 it’s an absolute steal and if I hadn’t been lucky enough to get a three pack in my BeautyCon goody stash I would have probably stocked up, knowing that this is a trusty shade I’d likely wear for the indefinite future. If you’re not looking for a nude though, the Collection range has 6 classic shades a plum, coral and crimson red.

It’s a thumbs up from me. Collection have gone and done it…AGAIN!!

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