As you guys know, if you follow me on Instagram or YouTube (but if not, why not? Get on it please) you’ll know that I want to channel my energy into art and photography this year. Yesterday I had my first shoot taking some outfit and beauty shots for my pal and fellow YouTuber Amanda Hendrick. 

We decided to just play it by ear and make it up as we go along, as it was just as much a catch up as it was a working day. Before I met Amanda I did a little recce of her neighbourhood to see if there were any backdrops that could work. It had the usual things you would from an east London surburb that isn’t quite in the hubub areas of Shoreditch. There wasn’t amazing graffiti to jazz up the scene, but there were garage doors, run down door ways, and a community park. 

This set was taken in front of a charmingly decrepit door way. Who doesn’t love a character doorway? 

Keep you eyes peeled for the next sets of photos from our day mooching in the chilly weather – I got 400 pictures so brace yourself!

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