Last Friday I hit a bit of a stumbling block photgraphy wise and came away with pictures I wasn’t hugely chuffed with. I have intentionally avoided doing live music photography, because I don’t think my current camera is up to the challenge. You only have to see the huge and lengthy lenses, and the weighty cameras the proffessionals take into the pit, to know that my wee little Lumix might be out of it’s depth in that situation.  I know that in some situations the size of the camera doesn’t necessarily equate to a better images, but from experience I have definitely found myself hindered by my little compact and my one lone lense. 

So untill I have funds to up my equipment game I have instead decided to focus on behind the scenes stuff and instagram content for those days the bands are sitting at home in their pants and just wanted something to upload to ensure they’re present on Instagram. 

Unofrtunately there wasn’t the usual stage/dressing room set up at this particular gig (Greywinds album launch) so I coulnd’t get my usual dressing room shots so had to attempt to get some live shots so I have enough to send over. The spot lighting was also causing a constant stobing effect across the images, which I didn’t know how to eradicate. when that wasn’t causing an issue the lighting was dim making it really hard to capture a crisp and sharp image unless you decided to use a flash, which I didn’t want to do too much because it is so distracting for the artist in close proximity. 

 I edited these in black and white with an emphasis on contract, and a little bit of grain, to be a bit more inkeeping with the bands Insta theme.

So in the next few posts you’ll see a few of the images I did manage to get of support band Holding Absence and of headline act Greywind.  See you in the next post….

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