Pixi Glow Tonic To go : Reviewed

Another week, another accaimed Cruelty Free product to share with you.

People rave about Pixi products. And I’m not using the word ‘rave’ lightly. Bloggers don’t just say it’s good in a rather nonchalant manner, they refer to the brands range of offerings as halo, hero or classic products. The reviews are as glowing as the skin of the loyal fanbase. 

I always approach testing such a heralded brand with a certain amount of trepidation though, because I’m scared that it won’t live up to the seemingly hyperbolic statements I’ve heard regarding it’s beautifying powers. And I find no pleasure in being the negative anomaly should that turn out to be the case. But while I felt a slight hesitance at the prospect of experiencing it for myself and forming my own opinion about, I was also excited at the notion I could be about to find a new beauty favourite. 

The Glow Tonic has been a firm favourite with bloggers for a while now and they’ve capitalised on this by come up with a new format that will allow the focus to be put back on this huge beauty success story. They’ve realised how beloved a product this is, and how devotee’s must detest having to leave it at home when having to cut back on their products for packing purposes.

This pot of pre soaked pads, a solution to this issue, is perfect for jet-setters, or those that like to take their essentials to their boyfriends when they sleepover. It’s also a fabulous evolution of a hero product for those that hate faff, and look for ease where possible….basically it’s a dream for lazy people like me.

The pads have more than enough liquid in to cover your face, neck and décolletage and leaves you’re skin feeling refreshed, soothed and nurtured. But what does it actually do I hear you cry?

I know the addition of acid may sound scary and give the impression that the product might be harsh on the skin, but not in this case. Gylcolic acid gently exfoliates and stimulates cell turnover. Where I was going wrong for many years when it came to my skin was using abrasive exfoliators, with sand, sugar or micro-beads in them – in an attempt to scrub away the zits. I thought I was cleaning off the dead skin cells and removing any matter than contributed to my acne, but in fact I was stripping my skin of vital oils and aggravating the sensitive surface. So if you are too struggling to calm or improve your acne, please do consider whether you are being too agressive. I’m sure many acne sufferers would benefit from using gentler forms of exfoliation, like this product delivers.

The Aloe Vera heals and soothes, so it’s great for those struggling with dry or irritated skin, or a surface that has been been compromised by acne and in need of recovery. It also contributes to the very pleasant and comforting smell, which is present enough without being overpowering.

The Ginseng energies and renews the skin, and it’s surprising how instantaneous this is. My face definitely looked a bit brighter even after first use, perhaps it serves as a nice little waker -upper.

Everything about the brand is very blogger friendly and you really get the feeling they have a good relationship with influencers, which allows them to ensure what they’re doing is always appealing to us, while ensuring they’re innovating too. Their collaboration collections with bloggers Aspyn Ovard, Caroline Hirons Its Judy Time and Maryam Maquillage confirm this synergy. In fact I think I’ve only been aware of the brand due to Caroline Hirons, who most of us would put at the helm of skin/beauty blogging. I think her affifilation/collaborations with the brand have helped to cement their position as a star brand, because we’ve come to rely on and trust the opinon of Caroline through her years of honest reviewing. Her willingness to be a face/mind behind the products instills confidence. 

The brand and the designers of the packaging are clearly very in tune to what bloggers like visually, and the aesthetic that is more likely to find itself feature on an artfully curated Instagram post. The combination of pistachio green, rose gold and white, makes it fresh, modern but with a notable nod to luxury. Green always connotes a kindness, as if the ingredients may be natural or gentle, and we all know about blogger’s love for rose gold and white.

The pot costs £20, and if I’m honest I really can’t decide whether this is reasonable or not – I guess it depends on how much emphasis you put on looking after your skin, and how much you want to spend on your entire daily/nightly routine. If you simply look at the pot itself you may think that it sounds a bit dear, but if you do some maths (I know, you’d rather not) you may feel a bit better about it…I dunno, you decide. 

So they advise that you can use it AM or PM (or as needed). If you use them twice a day you have around a month’s supply in one pot. If you work out the cost per pad, not factoring the cost of the packaging/design/branding etc, it works out at 0.33p (recurring). 

I can’t reveal the long term benefits of using this product yet as it’s still a fairly new addition, but I must say that the early impressions are very positive. I love the process of using the pads, in the morning it helps to pep my face up a bit, and at night it really feels like I’m ensuring all the day’s grime is removed. I love how the skin feels shortly after using it too. It looks clean and moisturised , but it’s not tacky enough with the moisture to effect the application of foundation. In fact the Pixi infused canvas serves as a lovely base for make up, and I swear my gaping pores looked marginally reduced. 

So it’s relief to say that I loved my first foray with Pixi, I’m glad I’m not going to have to rally against the mass opinon of my fellow bloggers and beauty experts on this one.

 I’m already thinking about what to try next and I think it’s got to be the Double Cleanse – the unique 2-in-1 jar created by Caroline Hirons where one side contains a solid cleansing oil and the other side a luxe cleansing cream for the ultimate PM cleansing. It’s currently trending on the site and I’ve come to the conclusion I would trust Caroline with anything skin related.

Have you tried Pixi products? Let me know what your favourites are in the comments….


I thought I’d put the ingredients here, because if you allergic to awkward things like me, you may want to check the list below…..

Ingredients: Aqua, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) leaf extract, aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut) seed extract, glycolic acid, ammonium glycolate, glycerin, butylene glycol, hexylene glycol (and) fructose (and) glucose (and) sucrose (and) urea (and) dextrin (and) alanine (and) glutamic acid (and) aspartic acid (and) hexyl nicotinate, panax ginseng root extract, phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate, biotin, polysorbate 20, fragrance.

Glow Tonic and Go £20

Glow Tonic 250ml £18

Glow Tonic 100ml



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