Ten Minute Tan is the new, organic pre-shower tanning lotion from Vita Liberata. An exciting new product release for all you fake tanners out there I’m sure…but I’m not one sadly. Well I should say, I haven’t been. I’ve used those moisturising creams for scaredy cats, the ones that that have a subtle hot of tan within them, that have the ability to turn my transluscent winter white paste-iness into more of a spring-time off-white. They have just a little hint of bronze to take the edge off I guess. 

This could be the game-changer, it’s a bonifide tanning product, but with a ten minute promise and just as easy as the 2 in 1 products I have previously tried. It sounds like the perfect bridging product for beginners who’d like to become regular and proficient fake tanners.

I’m fairly lazy when it comes to beauty regimes, anything that requires faff is vito’ed pretty swiftly. Any process that requires precision or expert application also tends to be shunned, purely because I’m aware of the potentially disastrous results, and the fact I have to  appear on camera and not look too offensive while doing so. Ten Minute Tan from the world’s leading non-

toxic, luxury tanning brand, Vita Liberata, sounds like the ideal product for me. But does it live up to it’s glowing reviews, and is it’s appealing name accurate?


How To Use

You apply a generous amount to the skin in long circular movements. The consistency of the product makes this extremely easy to do, it doesn’t cling or drag against the skin as it applies extremely smoothly. You can of course use a mitt if you have one available, but I used my trusty hands – I like the feeling of control you have when skin touches skin. I washed my hands immediately after applying so I wasn’t left with any unwanted staining. 

You are advised to wait for ten minutes (or 15-20 for a darker tan). I chose to wait for 15 minutes…well if I’m honest I had planned for 10 but got distracted by watching the last episode of Dexter and completely lost track of time. While we’re talking about Dexter, what is with that ending? Someone talk to me about it please, I know I’m late to the party but I still have things I need to get off my chest!

Back to the tanning…So I used the shower head to wash off the product and gently patted with a soft towel. I didn’t rub too vigorously because I didn’t want to remove too much of the product and encourage an uneven result.

The tan then develops over the next 4-6 hours and should last about 5 days.

Why it’s good

A lot of brands shout about the invisibility of the product as if that’s extremely beneficial to us. While it makes it seem like a less messy activity, it actually makes it extremely hard to see where you’ve already applied the tan. This product strikes the perfect balance, because it’s clear enough to see where it has already been rubbed on, but it isn’t so dark in colour that it feels dangerously messy.

It’s an incredibly smooth consistency too, so applying it to the skin with your hands, as I did, or with a mitt if you are a regular and avid tanner (or just happen to have a mitt floating around) is an effortless process. It feels so easy that a novice like myself actually feels quite confident that it’s all going to turn out okay! Because you only have to wait ten minutes you don’t have to worry about the tan coming off on your clothes, in your bed sheets, or anywhere else in your house. I think one of the main reasons I’ve always avoided tanning is because I associate with my uni mates bed-sheets which looked like had been evidence of a dirty protest. 

After 4-6 hours a very subtle tan revealed itself on my legs. For those seeking a dramatic change the transformation may have seemed a bit lackluster, but I was thrilled with the result. It proved to me that this is a buildable product and one perfect for those that hold amateur status in the tanning game. In the same way those moisturisers have that tan within them, this product offers a risk free application and result, but one that lasts just under a week if not topped up. The shade was a lovely golden warm brown and matched the glow I achieve naturally in the summer. This made me think this will be one of my go to products during the summer months, when I want to sustain the appearance of my holiday tan for as long possible. I can add a layer of this when I notice the devestating fading and pretend I’m still a bronzen beach babe.

Your skin feels wonderfully soft and hydrated afer use too, which I assume is down to the ingredient Matrixyl 3000, which apparently mimics the appearance of broken down collagen and caused a for a plumping, smoothing effect. My legs are a bit winter-weary, scaley and haggard at the moment, so this aloside the vitamin-rich Rose, which helps with tissue regeneration and smooth the surface of the skin, has pepped by stems up no end. If these ingredients weren’t enough to make us feel like we’re doing our well used leggies some good the cream also contains Neroli, which has a toning, tightening effect, and shrinks pores and blood vessels to

smooth the skin’s appearance. It also has a stimulating effect on skin cells,

helping regenerate skin and improving elasticity. 

 Now the next piece of information about the product is not one I can back yet, purely because I haven’t had the conditions to test it out yet. If someone wants to send me to a warm climate for the sake of a thorough review feel free…

‘The new, holiday-friendly self-tan application; with Ten Minute Tan you don’t need to worry about streaking orsmearing which can occur in hot climates if you are sweating or swimming, and you can apply SPF as usualwithin 30 minutes of application’

Sounds good though, and everything else they’ve said has turned out to be true, so I’m confident we can trust them on element also. 

There is a bit of that fake tan biscuity smell, but it’s definitely not as strong as many others I’ve had a whiff of intentionally or not. Fresh out of the bottle it smells like a delicious lemon drizzle cake, which is an absolute delight.

Overall I really enjoyed using this product- it was fuss free, time effective, and gave a lovely natural result. On a serious note…I devestatingly lost a friend to skin cancer last summer, so please stay safe as you can in the sun. I’ve overdone it so many times and now regret it, so don’t be as foolish as me, it’s really not woth it.  If you can opt for a fake tan like this instead. With products this good we can complete our quest for that perfect glow without risking our health…or the state of our bed sheets.

This is NOT a sponsored post, but the sample was sent for review purposes.

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