The insta-famous Frank Body. If you’ve followed models, hot females, or bloggers over for the last few years there is no doubt in my mind that you will have come across this brand. It is perhaps most well known for it’s body scrub which was promoted frequently by influencers, via sexy shots showing their sun-kissed skin being given a much need exfoliation with the product. The brand soon became synonymous with this sun-kissed body-beautiful aesthetic and it was one of the brands to be seen using/promoting the influencer community. 

You associated use of this product with an exotic lifestyle that incorporated a lot of travel, and a year long tan, and quite frankly you(I) wanted to be part of that.  I was totally sucked in and wanted a piece of this coffe infused skin-smoothing action.

A few years older, a bit less vulnerable to savvy branding and a lot more jaded about most things connected to social media,  I need a bit more convincing in regards to the brands that appear to to be much-loved and lauded on Instagram. 

I have to be honest though, even though I have that perspective that only comes with age, I was still quite excited when I got the review package in the post. Part of it was because I knew that once and for all I would finally be able to wake up and smell the coffee and find out if all the love the brand attained online was deserved, or whether it was just people jumping on that appealing and aspitational band-wagon. The other part, the part I’m not proud to admit, is that I finally felt part of the cool insta gang.

First up the packaging is so pretty, and right up my visual alley. I love the brown paper it comes in – that choice of material not only mentally links you to the coffee ingredient but it has those natural connotations too. The combination of the brown paper teamed with that salmon pink and white is feminine without being overly girly – and it looks great in pictures. Having to rip or cut open the paper the bag before you get to the actual product also increases the antiscipation of trying the scrub and balm. There’s also some cute text on the back to with sentences like ‘ Give a little lip and talk dirty, babe’ and ‘Only Tested on Babes.’ The first makes you feel a bit sassy (and I need all the sass I can get) and the latter tells you in a less scientific way that this is a cruelty-free product – yay!

The layout of the rest of information should be a guide for other brands too designing packaging. There’s all the information you need without any extra long winded boring stuff. Within a few glances and via some cute illustrations you know where the brand is from (Australia), how to store it (cool and dry) and that it contains nuts. It also details all the ingredients should you want to know for reasons referring to your ethics or your allergies, as well as all the brands social media handles.

First up is the ‘sugar, hi’  as they cutely have scribed on the side of the lip scrub container. I love the large and simple logo on the top of this circular pot, you can’t help but think of high end brands like Chanel when you see it. 

Like many of the lip scrubs you may have tried prior this, it also utlises the exfoliating powers of sugar grains, and it is very proficiant at filing down any loose or rough bits of lip texture.

There are naturally derived and sustainably sourced ingredients in the form of Coco Caprylate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride as well as it’s naturally derived Fragrance. The products aroma is like a sweetened coffee due to a combination of the sucrose, coffea Arabica, Cofee Robusta Seed Powder, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) and Fruit Extract, and it’s absolutely amazing. I have to be honest I was tempted to swipe it all on my toast instead of my usual Nutella. It also contains Tocopherol (vitamin E) which is great at helping to heal and soothe damage lips.

With just a few scrubs back and forth my lips felt noticeably smoother, and I very much enjoyed licking it off. After it’s always nice to taste the coffee as well as smell it!


At our ‘slick service’ is the smoothing lip balm which smells just as divine as the scrub.  It’s a very thick consistency due to the beeswax, and the lanolin, which is that yellow viscous mixture which is used for the base of a lot of ointments. This firm nature of the product makes its exit from the tube very tidy and efficent, and it makes you feel like you are using something with powerful and longlasting qualities. I’ve found super thin balms tend to disappear after a few minutes of conversation or with a couple strokes of the tongue. This has some staying power. It’s beneficial thickness doesn’t hinder your ability to glide it across your lips those, with the combined warmth of your fingers and lips, it instantly creates a pleasingly smooth coverage.

So in short, I loved this set of Aussie lip reviving products.

So Frank…I’m so sorry I was so skeptical, blame the other buzz brands who haven’t lived up to the hype. I’m so glad to find that your popularlity was justified, and I can’t wait to try out more of your aromatic products. No wonder so many wonderful and beautiful women were proud to endorse you on social media!

Now I’ve just got to decide which to try next…one of them has to be their iconic Coffe body Scrub doesn’t it?? I mean…it’s time I did one of ‘those’ shots too.

Here’s to a summer of the smoothest skin,  flesh that that will be so touchable it will have the same pulse racing qualities as a cup of coffee. Hope you’re ready Si!

The set is for sale on their site for £12.95 and would make a lovely gift!

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