Just a quick little drawing I felt compelled to doodle  in light of the devastating news from

Music is often celebrated for its ability to unify. Today we
are unified in sadness and grief and the horrific feeling of
hopelessness. ‬

‪We go to concerts for escapism or to languish in the emotions the music
evokes for us. To force fear, pain, and devastation into a situation
intended to create happiness and joy is nothing other than sick. ‬

‪For many of those gig goers it was a night they’d marked in their diary
with enthusiastic annotations, an event they saved pocket money for,
perhaps even their first experience of the wonder of live music. The fact
that some of them aren’t returning home is an unbearable to think about. ‬

‪Considering like many of us, I feel lost for words, I’ve already gone
on too long, but I just wanted to send my love to all those
impacted by last night’s events. ‬

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