The Xcerts of one of those bands that music industry people adore. Bands, journalists, PR’s, and random people like me, believe they should be considered one of our most treasured rock bands. They get consistently gushy reviews for their records as well as their haeartfelt live performances, and now it finally feels like they are going to be appreciated by the masses. 

Their new single ‘Feels like Falling in Love’ has quite rightly caught the ears of those that have an inquestionable influence on musical releases in 2017, with Spotify featuring the track on numerous go-to playists.

I was so pleased to see that they’ve clearly been given a budget to deliver a  slick video to accompany and enhance the single, with wondreful palette of red and pink, freehand text and squiggles, and great new clothes and haircuts, this phase feels contempary and more importantly commercially viable.  

And thing with The Xcerts is that no-one would begrudge them success, or even consider the term sell-outs, because they’ve grafted, paid their dues, and quite frankly a greater success at this time of their career would simply be getting what they’ve always deserved.

I can’t wait to see where this song helps to take them…

Here’s my chat with vocalist Murray from 2000 Trees Festival. 

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