A great Vegan Mask??

Time to introduce you to, or at the least sing the praises of another great Vegan product, this time courtesy of dr.organic. A quick visit to their website will tell you how dedicated they are to creating products that are environmentally friendly, and that as a brand they’re clearly always striving to use organically grown products (and even when its not possible, they source sustainable natural alternatives). Here’s a few other areas where they make an effort to be an ethical and all round fantastically conscious brand. 

Bioactive ingredients

We use certified bioactive extracts to ensure each product is truly functional by nature.

Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients are used in all formulations.

No harsh chemicals

We do not use ingredients often criticised for their side effects.We never use parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), perfumes or artificial fragrances.

No animal ingredients

All our products are suitable for vegetarians. In some products we used by-products from animals, most of which revolve around honey, these include; honey, royal jelly, propolis and bees wax.

No animal testing

Our products are always tested on human volunteers to ensure they are completely safe and effective.No animal tests are ever performed on finished products or raw materials.

No mineral oils

Petro-chemicals such as paraffin and petrolium are avoided, plant based oils and extracts are used.

No GM ingredients

Genetically modified or genetically engineered organisms are avoided to ensure all formulations are as natural as possible.


Where necessary preservatives are used to guarantee product safety and shelf life. Only the highest grade broad spectrum naturally derived preservatives are used.

So today’s review focuses on dr.organic’s Organic Tea Tree Deep Pore Charcoal Mask (jeez, that’s a mouthful), from their Skin Clear range of products. It’s not a product I picked up in store with intention or whim, but one that was contained in a goody bag from a recent beauty/health press day. This is why it’s so great for PR’s to give samples where possible, because it gives us the opportunity to test out products we may have never stumbled upon ourselves, and then discover ones we genuinely love and can’t wait to share our experience of. 

I have always enjoyed the process of wearing face masks, and my favourites ones have always been the thick muddy types. I don’t get the same out of translucent ones that allow you to see the blemishes through, I relish that my imperfections are hidden and ‘masked’ while the deep pore action is taking place. I also don’t like the ones that stay wet and gloopy even after the recommended time. You may say that I need to get out more, but I think there’s something fun about feeling the products dry and harden on your face.

I know I shouldn’t, but I often leave masks on my face much longer than the advised amount of time (this one states to wash up once it has dried) but this is one of the only ones that hasn’t lead to a breakout because of it, which I think says a lot about the ingredients. Why do I do that? It’s not some weird rebellion in regards to instructions, no it’s to do with out a feel about my reflection. I like that I can pass mirrors and glass and not feel disappointed about what stares back at me. Yes I know it looks like i have something rather unpleasant drying on my face, but that’s preferred to being reminded of the areas of discolouration, active spots, or blemishes of ones recently passed. I can almost kid myself that I have clear skin while I wear them, which is an illusion I enjoy. 

This deep cleansing treatment mask is infused with Willow Bark Extract and Charcoal. This mask is ideal for areas of problem skin such as spots, blemishes and breakouts, which pretty much sums up my whole visage since festival season came to a close. It boasts a proprietary blend of bioactive, natural and organic ingredients including Tea Tree Oil, Grapefruit and Chamomile Extract, this uniquely beneficial mask boasts natural AHAs (Fruit Acids) and Salicylic Acid which can help promote the rate of skin cell renewal. You will have seen Salicylic Acid mentioned in most beauty reviews, because it is this magical ingredient capable of fixing/helping all sorts of skin issues including acne, dandruff, or psoriasis, and is even sued to remove corns, calluses, and warts.

Tea Tree has always been one of my key spot fighting tonics. I have a bottle from Holland and Barrett that I put on those really face consuming spots, the ones that bring a pulse to wherever it’s located, the ones that are so swollen you develop and extra chin or feature to the face. Charcoal is another renowned ingredient, once activated it has the power to draw out bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne. Charcoal is not metabolised, adsorbed or absorbed by the body, but it can be used to treat some poisonous bites and disinfect some wounds. Chamomile is known for its calming abilities, it’s an extremely effective remedy for dry and flaky skin and any sort of irritation. What does Willow Bark extract do I hear you cry? Apart from being a non irritant, even at a level of 100%, equivalent to 10% synthetic salicylic acid, it has been found to increase stratum corneum turnover more so than salicylic acid – 24% as opposed to 22%.

Finally the wondrous Grapefruit. Like other citrus fruits, grapefruit is rich in vitamin C (great for collagen production) but it’s different from other citrus fruits in that it also has lycopene, a known cancer-fighting chemical. Grapefruit also has unique phytochemicals (a.k.a. bioflavanoids) that help promote skin health and general health. The skin consists of collagen which creates keratin, a protein building block found in skin cells. Grapefruit also has a phytochemical known as naringin which reduces toxins in the liver, which results in healthier skin.

Grapefruit extracts in creams can help remedy these pskin conditions such as impetigo, rashes, acne and dandruff.. Dandruff and psoriasis come from inflammation in the skin and this multi talented fruit can alleviate this effectively. Grapefruit extracts alsoincrease the pH of the skin, which may reduce acne.

So if you consider all these ingredients are within this mask in some form, it’s no wonder its great at helping towards clearer skin and visibly reduced pores. Every time I use it my skin feel noticeably smoother, so much so that I ended up stroking it all evening, probably encouraging more acne to show up and defeating the goal entirely. The obvious tightening of the pores also help me look a tad fresher. The most obvious benefit is that it appears to make my skin more matte in finish I guess because it’s removed some of the oil. All in all a big thumbs up for me, and a product I enjoy using a couple times a week on slouchy work from home days. 

While I’m talking about how fabulous this brand is let me tell you about something else they have to offer us. They believe what you put into your body should be as good as what you put into your body, which is why they have created a simple sin diagnostic tool online to help you find your optimum skincare regime. 

The tool asks a few simple multiple choice questions to gather an understanding of your skin type, level of skin ageing, any eye concerns and overall skincare goals. The diagnostic also takes into account the impact of the lifestyle and environment factors on the skin such as stress and pollution.  By the end of the process you will go away with the perfect cleanser, eye product, day cream and night cream best suited to your skin and it’s needs. 

So although this is the only product I’ve used from the Skin Clear range I imagine when used in conjunction with the others it would be even more effective. But if like me you tend to dart between different brands and products rather than opt for one brand systems, I can very much recommend this mask to fill that spot in your regime. 

Have you tried this Mask too? What do you think?

Please recommend any other vegan masks in the comments. 

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