Photo Gallery: Marika Hackman at Reading Festival

I’m recovering from a very hectic night at the AIM Awards where I was responsible for interviewing presenters and nominees, and grabbing some tasty soundbites for their official highlights video. Such an honour to be part of an event celebrating our wonderful independent music scene. Sorry to anyone that had to talk to me I felt like I was melting like some fairytale witch under all the photography lamps, and pretty sure I was starting to smell like Greggs. These factors combined with my animal print suit, a risky ensemble which teetered a bit too close to tacky, meant that I was probably an unappealing prospect to the stars wanted to avoid promo duties. 

For someone who loves the conversational aspect of interviewing, there’s always an element of frustration doing interviews for a client because you have to stick to a string of questions in-keeping with their personal aims and goals for the video, rather than the questions your desperate to ask the artists or having the freedom to go off in wacky tangents. I have always admired Marika Hackman so I was very pleased to have a few moments chatting with her before she entered the main room full of it’s decorated dining tables and flashy lights. If only we had more time to talk about her and her music though, hopefully another time!

Anyway this has given me a good excuse to post a few pictures I snapped very hastily at Reading. I had just arrived on site and was getting my bearings and doing my usual site recce to work out where all the different tents are located. It meant I got to grab snippets of all of the earlier acts on the Friday which are often the ones that became future favourites. 

None of these shots are great, I hadn’t had a chance to put the right lens out or sort any settings out at this point, but you guys know I’m not all about showing you just the best, the flawless, the highlights. Whatever the results of my shots, I just wanted an excuse to alert you to another musical artist you may or may not be familiar with.

P.S How much do you want her t-shirt??

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