FLAT HAIR PROBLEMS: got2b Dry Shampoo Reviewed

 I’m generally and genuinely thrilled with my recent hair transformation, and honestly believe cutting off half of my hair is the most freeing move I’ve made in a long time. It’s cleared up minutes if not hours of my time each week, saved by weak arms from needless strenuous activity and resulting aches, and nudged me into changing my style, choosing outfits that showcase this shorter length.

I feel fresher and more youthful, and most importantly less weighed down. I don’t know if my old long hair served as a metaphor for other negative stuff, but I feel that perhaps it made my morose face appear even more long and drawn out, and that I used it to hide behind it, even rely upon it.

With this shorter length, I can’t as easily use it as a veil to hide my face and boobs, nor use the sheer mass of it to distract from other parts of my vessel. I’ll be forced to stand more confident and proud in my blog pictures, as I won’t be using my hair as an something to give my hands something to do, pulling the long mermaid tendrils out so they flow in the wind, or to do those back shots where you showcase the length resting on your back.  Instead my body and my full face will be exposed and the focus will no longer be on my hair, which I’ve away used as a trademark and as an distraction, now they’ll be seeing me….or more of me at least.

While I’m pleased as punch with this new low maintenance style for it’s ease and time saving credentials, I’m not happy to allow my hair to lack impact and I still want my hair to be a feature that adds to my overall appearance. While I can’t look to the length of it to deliver drama or wow factor, I can still consider colour, texture, volume etc.

That’s the only slight downside to this sassy new mid length style. I’ve lost a lot of bulk so even though I have a lot of hair still it can get to look slightly flat if I haven’t made efforts during the drying process to ensure it has volume – tipping my head upside down or adding a thickening product to the root for instance.

Today was one of those particularly flat days, in more ways that one, but lets keep it focused on my hair for once shall we.  I’d just dried my hair very quickly as I was in a rush to get going with my day and make the most of the Autumn sunshine we were having this Sunday morning. Later in the day after the lift the wind delivered had subsided, I was looking very drab and my hair almost looked stuck down to my cheeks, with absolutely zero height at the root.  Because I have relied on my hair to give me a confidence boost for all these decades it’s foolish to expect to be able to let go of that completely, so I still need to be able to feel good amped up with this look.

I’ve tried many hairsprays, mouses and volumisers in the past to deliver the enlarging effect I’m after and while all have some positive and extremely effective qualities I haven’t found one without having to make a sacrifice when it comes to the appearance or feel of my hair. We’ve all tried the products that make the hair feel so crispy it’s as if its frozen and could snap in to if bent. Then there’s the type that makes it feel like you have treacle drizzled on the scalp, which you hope the lad won’t discover when he tried to recreate an extremely passionate movie kiss which involves putting his fingers through your hair and grabbing at your skull. If they don’t create a horrifically dead or overly shiny finish to the hair’s texture, you’ll left choking on the toxic fumes.

The closest I have gotten to perfection before was a volumising dry Shampoo so when I was given this got2b Fresh it Up Dry Shampoo I felt like I was on the cusp of realising I’d finally discovered the holy grail product. As instructed I shook the can, held 20cm  away, and sprayed in short bursts. I tipped my head upside down to get the roots underneath and also lifted up layers to ensure I have sprayed throughout. No cough inducing toxicity, just a transporting subtle tropical scent this time.

Unlike many dry shampoos there is hardly any residue with this one, perhaps just a tad mattifying which goes instantly with a quick rub with your palm or a brush through. In fact this had the least whitening effect of any non colour specific dry shampoos I’ve used before, which is a major plus point. As you can see from the images my hair instantly had more zest for life, no more slick rick for me.

The biggest plus point of this product was the fact that it didn’t have any noticeable effect on the feel of the hair to the touch. No extreme stiffness or stickiness, if any whatsoever. I find that I often feel compelled to wash my hair after one use of some of these sorts of products becasuse the hair feels so clogged up or changed by the product. In the past it has felt so dense and rigid at the root that I’ve hated running my fingers through it as it’s stopped even feeling like hair, and I’ve felt gross and unclean a bit like Worzel  Gummidge, Stig of the Dump…..or Frankie Cocozza.

Okay, if left to it’s own devises by the end of the day your hair won’t have maintained the level of oomph it gets when you first spray and massage, but all it takes is more massages periodically

to wake the product up and allow it to wave its magic wand again. There’s really no need to spray more throughout the day to get the initial wowing effect, you just need to stimulate it with your fingers.

So for those that don’t like to or choose not to wash their hair often, those who feel their hair needs to be uplifted, or who, like me are adapting to a new style I thoroughly recommend this Schwarzkopf got2b Fresh it Up Dry Shampoo. I guarantee as I continue to enjoy the lack of hair washing this new do requires this will become a staple, constant travel companion, and last minute plan saviour.

 Available at Primark


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