On Hiatus

Hi guys, just a little message from me to say it’s going to be a tad quiet on here for a couple weeks as I migrate from Blogger to WordPress. I’ve been on the humble Blogger platform since the birth of blogging, back when I used it as a personal diary, one that I kept secret from everyone so I could vent about problematic housemates and boyfriends. Now that I’m starting to try and see my blog as a business venture as well I thought it was about time to step it up and get a bit more professional. Plus  people have been telling me for yonks that it’s time for me to make the big move, but I’ve just been a scaredy cat if I’m honest.  

It will likely take this stuck in her ways old bird a bit of time to get used to WordPress, so expect a fair few blogs with pictures in the wrong place and looking generally a bit wonky donkey. Be patient, I will persevere till I get the hang of it.

In the meantime there’s regular vlogs going up on my YouTube channel, as well as the usual slew of Autumnal hues on my Instagram, so avert your eyes there for the meantime. 

Thank you for everything you lovely lot, brb. 


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