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As you guys know I was a way from my family for the Christmas period. It was a glorious escape. It’s incredible what the single act of changing you situation in terms of environment and location can do to elevate ones mood. On the whole I managed to shelve woes related to finances and my living situation, and managed to switch off from planet YouTube entirely. I couldn’t completely remove health related stress because alas I couldn’t remove my soul and brain and place within a better functioning vessel for the festive period – so I was constantly worried about Kidney and IBS related issues. The fact that the only loo at Si’s mums house is directly off the lounge and with less than soundproof doors definitely made me feel shameful and less that elegant and feminine on more than a few occasions post rich crimbo-food gorging.

Last night we returned home, and within half an hour I had run upstairs to cry in secret behind the spare room door. I won’t go into why my festive joy had been extinguished so swiftly, nor who dealt the blow, but I really did feel the gold sparkles evaporate and the grey mist descend again. The fact that this change was so obvious and so quick was absolutely gutting and that upset me even more. It was nice to avoid my reality for a few days.

This morning as Si left for work after a sleep full of Cheese fuelled nightmares I decided not to let it creep into the next day. I really want 2018 to be a year full of colour and light, and I wanted to get my head in that zone in what some of us call the festive gooch (the period of limbo time between Christmas and New years).

Before anyone mentally butts in – I know – if it was that easy we’d never feel depressed or sad, nor let that pesky darkness wrestle in. I’m not deluded to think I’ll be a walking ray of sunshine all year round or that upsetting things won’t happen to me or the world. But in those days where it could go either way, or I have a real opportunity to turn things round by making some small changes, my goodness am I going to try my damn hardest to do just that.

It sounds a bit flippant to lead into a paragraph relating style and things I decorated my body with after the slightly heavy start to this post, but injecting some colour into my life via fashion is something I intend to continue into the new year, because I genuinely found it to be a subtle mood lifter in 2017.

Wearing a yellow jumper like the one in today’s posts isn’t going to eradicate those bills, stop that body part from misbehaving and making every day a bit trickier, or make that relationship less tense (or whatever your specific issues are). However, seeing that bright shade looking back at you in the mirror, or the colour reflecting on your face in the same way a buttercup does when held under your chin, can perk you up just a little bit. See it as a small l part of a potential positive switch.

I’ve really revelled in being a bit more adventurous with colour this year in terms of style. Don’t get me wrong I still love the tranquility and simplicity of earthy and neutral tones, and monochrome is still my forever bitch, but I have gotten a lot of joy from splashing out on colour. I’ve loved combining unpredictable or clashing prints and hues, I’ve loved making unexpected choices and even standing out once in a while. For years I’ve preferred to blend in, if not hide to be honest, but with age you start to care a little less what people thinking and start do stuff just because it makes you feel good – I did that a wee bit this year, the bright blue suit at the Goodbye Christopher Robin premiere springs to mind. This year I plan to do this regularly though, rather than just on the rare occasion.

I definitely think returning to a my natural hair colour blonde and cutting it shorter helped in my style evolution this year. I love bright coloured hair and I have no doubts that I’ll miss my previous unnatural shades at some point, and boy oh boy do Instagram feeds look phenomenal when you have bright coloured hair. But they can make putting together outfits a bit more difficult ( for me at least), because they are almost another part of an ensemble that you’ve got to consider. Some shades I had in the last 12 months didn’t go with some colours I really loved to wear, and I found them often competing rather than working together. Because my hair is just…well pretty bland and normal (and the most low maintenance it’s EVER been) I can now let my clothes do more of the talking and not worry if the combo of hair/outfit it painful to look at. My shorter locks have also made me look at different necklines and different styles of dressing. I’ve always loved simple lob hair styles teamed with minimal tailoring, and that’s a particular area of dressing I’ve been focused on in 2017. I’ve already bought a suit in the Sales to start 2018 how I mean to go on too – a statement red one no less. As well as the bright dressing, I guess I want to feel like a women these days too, and hopefully one that at least looks in control. Wearing a pant suit has always been able to help me like a grown up (in a good way) and someone that can deliver – I guess that’s why they full under the power dressing header. Anyway more about suiting in a post coming your way in the next few weeks no doubt.

I’ve noticed I’m not the only person who has strayed from the dark side of fashion this year. Of course us bloggers are inadvertently guided or inspired by others on the scene, and it’s no coincidence that some of the big stars of the years of constantly dowsed in kaleidoscopic displays – it has of course  filtered down and ‘influenced’ us.

We have to look at what’s happened this year too. History of fashion and business have taught us that events of the time impact on how we choose to dress and spend out money. I wonder if you the horrendous slew of bad news this year (we are all united in thinking that 2017 was a stinker, right?) has made us want to find joy through the simple process of getting dressed. Perhaps we are utilising out-there prints and crazy colour combination to distract us, and people who see our outfits, from the horrifically dingy or downright depressing stuff that’s going on. Who knows?

Like I said before, I know that it’s helped me feel a bit more cheery on those days where it’s so dreary all the bleeding long day that it doesn’t feel like we’ve gotten any daylight. In the same way that putting on some make up when I feel a bit below par makes me feel a bit more ready to face the day, I feel like a bright coloured jumper can give me a bit of a jump start.

But it’s not just via some out-there sartorial choices that I’m hoping to inject colour into the new year though. I’m hoping to do it via adventures and experiences, or by trying new things. I want to do more of the things I already know that brighten my days, you know those things that make your life sparkle and pop, however simple they may be. I want to breath in new views and sights, see skies with sunsets made of different blends and smudges, stroke my fingers against new terrains and textures, and leave my stamp on a new plain. I don’t know how, where or what…but I know I don’t want to exist in my stagnant life beige-ness.

Are you planning on expanding your fashion pallette this year? How are you going to inject colour in to your year?

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