Two post’s in one day?! Am I spoiling you or what? Actually some of you may wonder what horrific thing you’ve done to deserve two doses of ramples from me on New Year’s Eve. You may also be concerned that I clearly don’t know how to party considering I’ve spent all day taking pictures of myself in my parents bedroom, in outfits I won’t actually be wearing tonight.

Anyway, the second look comes courtesy of Reserved and was only £14.99!! A right starry eyed suprise you might say!

This is actually my first purchases from the site, and the first time I’ve even taken a peek at their offerings. I can’t rememeber who lead me there but it was definitely one of my many style mavens on Instagram.

I hadn’t bothered to click a link before because I presumed it was all going to be out of the realms of possibility, budget-wise. Something about the brand’s name said luxury and high-end to me, so it was an awesome suprise to find out that it was not only affordable, but extremely good value. There are so many things I love on there too, so I think it’s going to end up being one of my go-to fashion sites in 2018. I like that it’s not as saturated by bloggers and friends as some other brands I love, because it means you stand more chance of buying something that hasn’t been seen a million times by people already. I’m sure that won’t last long though, considering how lovely the clothes are.

I was instantly drawn to this dress. I’ve always been attracted to prints that incorporate space in some way, I wonder if it has anything to do with my extreme level of wanderlust. I could never afford those Black Milk leggings when they were considered the coolest thing going, but I tracked down more than a few galaxy print items so I could get on the trend spaceship.

I like this design because it feels like a more polished, grown-up and age appropriate take on that trend, and actually a bit more me than the more garish versions. I think the metallic and white print is large enough to give the outfit a decent level of fun, whismy and quikiness, but delicate enough to still be elegant, even if the wearer isn’t.

There’s some lovely details to this dress that make it feel a lot more expensive than it’s below 20 quid price tag. The shoulders straps are secured by ribbons that you tie in a bow. Not only are they an extremely pretty, quite a 1920’s feature, it allows you to fit the dress according to how you’d feel more comfortable wearing it. If you go looser it can be a bit more low cut and reveal more of your ‘planets’ or you can have bigger bows and have a tighter more fitted top to your dress – I went for the decond option.

The back of the dress is largely exposed which I think is lovely for a bit of welcome sexiness, considering that the length of the dress is very safe and the fit fairly loose. It’s also handily sits just at the right spot that could allow you to get away with wearing a bra if needed. This is such a rare find isn’t girls?

Due to the loose fit of the dress I did worry that it may look a bit shapeless and frumpy but it’s actually fairly flattering. I think the busy nature of the print andthe slightly A line fit means it hides a lot of your christmas sins, a bit like a black hole, and there’s a lovely frill panel at the bottom that slightly kicks out which helps to balance out my wide hips.

So if you want to wear a dress but want to feel comfortable and have the ability to snack to your hearts consent, then this bargain is for you. I can’t wait to layer it over polo necks and shirts and team with my silver boots for an out of this world day look too. What a find!!

The Face

Although I can quite shift the fact that I’m probably bit old for this sort of decorating now, I thought what the hell it’s a new year’s look. The stamps come courtesy of an ingenious stamp/eyeliner combo by Lottie London, although a lot of brands do similar products now, I believe I saw Rita Ora covered in similar markings on Instagram recently. If I hadn’t stamped I would have amped up the eye with some gold glitter or a metallic eye creme of some sort. So it wasn’t over the top of I went for a subtle shimmery gold lid from the Urban Decay Naked Pallette.

My base was created using Collections Prime and Ready Primer, Illamasqua’s Skin base in 6.5 and Collections famous concealer.

To create a bit of luminosity I stroked a bit of highlighter across my cheek bone, an old Make Up Revolution one this time.

Obviously this look would have been elevated glamwise by adding lashes, but I don’t want to pretend I’m someone that could be bothered to do this. Instead I just used a coat of my Two Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

I generally opt for a matte nude lip, but for this I thought a glossy pale pink would be nice with the mainly black dress and I wanted more of ethereal look than a dramatic vampy one. I used one of Collection’s glosses (one that I reviewed on here a few months back).

What do you think of this second potential NY’s look? Do you prefer dresses to suiting?

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