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We’ve all seen the images. Beautiful clear-skinned glowy women reclining on a sofa or bed, either of which will have an abundance of cushions or pillows that are perfectly tonal with the sofa or bedsheets, or perfectly colour pop in their difference. She’ll be in a neutral combination of loungewear, leggings, a camisole, a kimono – you know the vibe. They’ll be candles burning from every mantle or furniture surface, more than is humanly possible to light on your own, or an amount worthy of an epic Guns and Roses video shoot. They’ll probably be a book of a very deep nature placed somewhere nearby to give the impression that this tranquil being is extremely ‘woke’ and in touch with her spiritual side. They (the brand) will want you to think she is also someone that regularly attends yoga and pilates, drinks only smoothies and teas (however ghastly they taste because they’re good for her inner PH levels), and probably finds times to moisturise her entire body before bed. every. single. night. I find these images as aesthetically pleasing and ‘goals’ as the next addicted instagram scroller, but it’s not representative of how a lot of us lounge.

Some of us need an environment that is uncluttered and light as we hope that our minds will get during out lounging session. Surfaces that are clear, or that have only choice objects carefully choreographed and appointed. A floor clear of hazards, unless you include that natural fibre rug that tends to curl at one end. The only random positioned object allowed being a throw that is strewn across the bed or couch, even though we all know the placement of these is never random at all – to achieve effortless with success it takes REAL effort.

I probably do NEED this to achieve optimum and beneficial lounging, but that’s not always easy or possible for some of us. The only space I have to myself is my jam-packed bedroom (which always smells slightly musty or like curry), and that’s very rare. It’s walls are red and fiery, not a calming sage green, cornflower or heavenly hue close to white. The red colour paint, which was originally chosen to make it feel cosy when it was used as a snug, now make the space feel claustrophobic and stressed. The bed is often my workplace too, so has press releases, cameras, laptops, pens and paints, covering much of the duvet, as well as plates and snacks which have inevitably stained in suspicious looking dollops too. And this is on a days when Si isn’t also using it as his office too, as well as an Xbox gaming room, and location of falling asleep prematurely on nights we’ve decided to watch a movie together and have some ‘quality time’ together.

Till I move out of my current situation, these things just can’t change though. But there are some areas I can improve to make my lounging better, while not attempting to veer into a lifestyle aesthetic that doesn’t work for where I am now.

When Si and I just got together he thought it was utterly bizarre that I didn’t have any clothes specific for slogging. When he’d get in from work, or had a day at home on the agenda, he’d immediately grab the same items of clothing – usually some comfy joggers, a soft jersey top, or one of his cosiest hoodies (depending on the time of year). I’d be sitting on the sofa in what I’d been wearing all day, whether that be a schmansy fancy dress, or jeans that were cutting off circulation when I painfully manoevered my legs to sit on the sofa. I’d also be that person who would often sleep in my day clothes. Taking either the top or the bottom off depending on the skin coverage or how smelly one item was.  After nagging for months, if not years, about this (yes, men nag too) I finally gave in and started to change in specifically curated outfits for chill purposes. God, I hate it when he’s right, but he really was. It’s a game-changer. And I should make a point to acknowledge rare event. ; )

Due to the fact I still can’t eat a meal or snack without decorating my outfit with it, and because I’m often working with inks and watercolours, I’ve not yet reached the ultimate goal of becoming an elegant pastel wonder (as soon as I have my own place expect the transformation quick-sharp. But I now have a few options for comfortable outfits for when I know I don’t need to experience oxygen outside of the confines of my home, nor be on camera, that make lounging about comfortable…and dare I say fun.

Although it’s my goal to achieve ultimate yoga yummy aesthetic, I know not everyone wants cleans lines, neutral or pales tones. There’s those who feel alive when adorned in colour, or who feel revived and pepped by pattern. There’s the rebel hearts, the punk rockers, the metal-heads who also might want their loungewear to have a bit more edge.

I was recently invited to a wonderful event with Task PR, who gave me some lovely things to go home with, including some Hanro leggings I picked off a rail full of stunning lingerie, sports and loungewear. They’re a beautiful plum colour, stretchy, with fetching stitching details – perfect for those that want flattering but practical bottoms for exercising or expert horizontal-ing. I probably won’t be using them for exerting myself in any way, unless the snacking olympics become a thing, but they have become my go-to for work days at home, and designated slouchy time. They’re so silky smooth to the touch I’ve not shut up about it, and urged Si to stroke them so many times he’s started to get a bit fed up with me, shouting ‘Yes!! I know, how nice they are!’ – what a bore I am. They are genuinely one of the nicest bottoms I’ve ever worn though, and after years of denim chafing it’s all been a bit of a revelation. I don’t know if there’s any inbuilt technology or whether it’s simply the stretchy nature of the material, but I’m pretty confident they do wonders for my silhouette too, my legs definitely look smoothed and toned when I wear them, which I can assure you is not their natural state.

My favourite top to team them with is this soft camo jumper from They sent me a few bits the other day, and I’m actually chuffed with them all. Let me tell you….this isn’t always the case when you decide to work with a brand, and it can get very awkward! Yep the clues in the name, everything apart from items found under the Designer tab are all just £5!

The main things you should know about the site is that stocks sells out very fast, so if you spot that dream bargain snap it up or you may end up being disappointed. They have daily new arrivals so that they’re constantly updating and stocking new trend-led styles, so make sure you keep checking back, although it can be a bit addictive for bargain hunters like myself. Since it began, it now stocks menswear and plus size alongside their vast womenswear offerings. Like most affordable shops it takes a while to hunt through everything to find the thing for you, but it’s definitely worth a good online rummage to find those gems.

I have a few camouflage pieces in my wardrobe, I’ve always been partial to the print, so thought this multicoloured version was a fun take. Quite funny how the least stealth person ever is so drawn to it, but that’s a by the by.

Before it became my go-to lounge top I thought it could also look super cute with 90’s mom jeans and patent boots, after-all it’s really too nice to keep as only loungewear. I’ve just had a thought….is it really camo if it’s garish and bright? Kinda defeats the object doesn’t it?!

With Megan Ellaby and Helen Anderz displaying rainbow brights on the reg now, I really feel like the blogging community has been really embracing colours more than ever over the last year, often gloriously clashing and unexpected, and it’s adding some real joy to our feeds. I plan to to continue my journey with colour too, so expect more like this from me in 2018 too.

Anyway, before my usual extreme level of digression, the point I wanted to make is that it’s important to change your clothes for times or relaxation, whatever form that takes. So whether you put on your favourite band tee and you fave oversize joggers to listen to your favourite records or practice meditation, or put on your perfectly put together luxury matching set to read a book, it will help you shift out of the mindset of thinking you were in prior to this much deserved time-out. It’s obvious for people that work in 9-5, or in offices that require formal dressing, that getting out of a stiff suit would be beneficial to achieve a more relaxed state, but us freelancers and home dwellers should make a point of changing some things too, even if they’re a bit more subtle.

So I’m going to change out of my blogging outfit looks when I come back home to edit through the pictures and work out which 4 out of the 1000 pictures taken are useable. After a day of commuting to London I’ll take off my smoggy, tube sweaty outfits, to put on a fresher lounge-worthy ensemble, featuring some snuggly slippers featuring some sort of unnecessary but adorable fluff.

What are you go-to slouchy clothes?

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