George Nail Polishes REVIEWED

I can’t be the only one whose Monday plans have been thwarted by the snow and bitter winds. I had plans to go to the printers, then to the post office, and hopefully attempt to shoot an outfit video. In the end I decided to be sensible, particularly considering that colds and flu have been circulating around our household and I have thus far avoided coming down with any wintery germs too heavily (which seems miraculous considering my flailing immune system). But don’t think I wasn’t willing to risk the elements at all for the sake of ‘content’. It was necessary to head into the garden to take a few snaps of my polished nails in natural light, while the snow was in full Edward Scissorhand’s mode (so much so I felt compelled to make an instastory video soundtracked to Danny Elfman). While shots created using studio lights can look extremely professional and sleek they don’t always show off the true colour of beauty products, which isn’t that helpful if you’re someone who turns to reviews to help you decide whether you want to make a purchase, or if you’re seeking out a particular shade.

In my last post I promised you guys that I’d get round to giving you the full low down on the extensive range of products I was sent from George at Asda’s make up range. So today I thought I’d give a bitesize review of the two different nail varnishes that were inclosed in the shimmery jiffy bag.

First up, let’s talk about the George Gel Effect Nail Polish in Nocturnal.  First of all I love that it comes in a compact 8ml quantity. Of course with many products it is preferential to receive a generous bottle, particularly beauty products you use daily,  but when it comes to nail polish I always think it makes more sense to come in smaller sizes.

I don’t know about you, but I always tend to go through phases with nail polishes. I tend to become obsessed with a particular shade or type of colour  (ice cream pastels for instance) and after a few weeks of intensive wear want a change. When I finally feel the urge to return to the colour it has usually gone off (you know when it goes thick and gloopey) and a lot of product goes to waste. It makes much more sense to me to buy the desired and lusted after shade in cute small bottles so satisfy that crush before it fizzles out.

Nocturnal is a classy claret in the maroon and burgundy family, and despite what I just said,  is one of those colours that is useful for everyone to have in their nail collection. Despite it’s moody and dramatic  tone it’s actually extremely versatile a shade, and seems to go with most outfits and colour combinations. For me it’s a more interesting alternative to a nude. It always looks sophisticated and understated, but teamed with a gothic outfit can suddenly look edgy and cool.

The brush is small enough to mean that even someone as uncoordinated and messy as me can apply the polish neatly. That said the brush spreads out nicely so you’re not required to stroke the nail too many times to cover the whole nail with colour. The colour is fairly good after one coat, but there is still some unevenness when it comes to opaqueness and you can still just about seeing some brush stroke lines. After a second coat you have a nice even colour.

The finish is glossy and luxe, but it doesn’t quite compare to a genuine gel nail. I always associate a satisfying thickness to gel nails ( I always end up biting at them because they are irresistibly thick). I’ve been very impressed with it’s staying power, particularly considering I didn’t bother applying a clear top coat. I’d definitely recommend this polish for it’s quick drying formula, stunning colour, compact size and affordable price tag, but it won’t quite compete with your professional gel nails it terms of it’s finish.

Next up is the George London Lasting Nail Polish in Rage. This particular sample is a 5ml quantity, which makes it a perfect addition to a holiday make up bag. The colour is a stunning coral pink, which looks incredible against bronze skin, but makes an impact when teamed with muted winter outfits too. I love using it as the pop of colour again monochrome and greys.

The brush with this particular varnish is a lot longer than the one that comes with the Gel effect polish. In the same way people have preferences about mascara wands, this could be a positive/negative observation to you. But if you have a longer nail it definitely helps  to create a smooth application.

After one coat, which again dried incredible quickly, a few of my nails had a slightly grainy texture and feel to them. It wasn’t really visible but you could feel it as you swiped your fingertip across the surface of the nail.

Two coats will give you the optimum perfected even colour, and they really do look great. After three days of wear they were still looking great, which is better than I’m used to, and even more impressive a fact due to it’s affordable status.

So all in all, I’m yet again impressed by these George at Asda products. They’re easy to apply, perfect for those on the go and looking for speed and efficiency, and I adore the colours – they’re the type of shades which were existing staples. I look forward to investigating their full colour range and trying out some more formulas.

Just a final note guys before I wrap up this bitesize review, particularly if you are finding winter and these arctic minus something days particularly hard to cope with and find yourself constantly willing summer and the accessorised guy in the sky to show his face. Little moments (like painting your nails)  that make you feel better in some way – comforted, looked after, mindful etc – are so very important to reseting and giving yourself a time- out from the struggle. Even if you don’t allow yourself the amount of time you really should to unwind, pamper yourself, switch off….frequently painting your nails will at least mean you have a few minutes to focus on nothing else but avoiding the edges and the chewed bits of skin around the nail.

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