It’s rare for me to dedicate a whole post to a fashion item, but every once in a while something joins your wardrobe that instantly earns itself a dedicated blog. You guys know I have a considerable obsession with bombers, last year I even uploaded a collection video to my YouTube channel, but I now have a new favourite in this peacock blue Airfield Bomber.

I have to confess that I wasn’t aware of the brand until I went to an agencies press day last year, but I consider it fate – it’s like they went into my head and created my dream jacket – and I was meant to go there that day so we could find each other. Yes..I know…it’s sounds like an obscure kind of love story (it’s working for The Shape of Water). It definitely started off as a crush, but we are now in a committed relationships and I’m now rarely seen without it.

When I approach how I am going to style something new I go with my gut and initial response. What did I first think of when I saw this bomber? Well I instantly thought about a Farrah Fawcett type retro babe with in denim flares. While I knew the current bitter winds would make attempting to create her infamous hair flicks a waste of time, I knew I could try and create a 70’s inspired outfit.

I’ve started to see flares and bell-bottoms being worn by a lot of my favourite fashion bloggers lately, but I’m yet to take the plunge, having only just got used to (and loving) the mom style jean. However I knew somewhere in the chaos of my bedroom I had a denim flared  jumpsuit that I bought a number of years ago – when I was going through a boho phase – that could look great teamed with this iconic fitted blue bomber.

While the jumpsuit provides an interesting outline, and an option a bit more exciting than a standard jean and top combo, it is minimalistic enough to provide a fairly blank canvas so that the jacket and it’s statement back bug embroidery is the star of the show.

I felt empowered wearing this outfit because it gave me that Charlie Angel’s style sass. I don’t think of myself as a particularly ‘bitchin’ person, but strutting the streets of Soho in this bomber and denim jumpsuit combo I felt I could fight crime before driving away in an awesome matching pale blue Rebel. I really enjoyed feeling like that, rather than my usual timid self. I think a lot of that might have been down to shooting with Kaye ( though.

This was our first time shooting together, and this was actually the first outfit of the day. The fact that some of these are my fave shots of the day says a lot about her capability to put someone who’s a bit awkward posing in public, at ease.

I think the setting of this incredible record store just off Wardour Street  helped too, it really transported me to that era, when browns and oranges were desirable decor and tile choices, and when people had big hair and even bigger platforms – some of those people staring out at me from the vinyl covers.

So if you don’t own a jumpsuit or you don’t want to reference 70’s style, what else would I recommend?

I am personally loving fresh and clean styles right now. Nothing too complex or busy, sleek lines, tonal combination or very few colours. I think this bomber would look incredibly striking against a stark white outfit. Think a classic white jean, a white knit and a simple white pump.


You could pick up the silver details use on the cuffs, piping and zips, by wearing boots like these metallic numbers (from New Look). They’re perfect if you’re going for that retro or rock n roll aesthetic too. Great for walking around the city before you head to a night in a bar.

If you’re going for the pastel tones but don’t want to be too matchy matchy (which buying blue suede boots would do) then this dusky pink boot would be a nice option (new from Primark).

If you are a casual dresser or looking to create a casual sporty look with this bomber as the focal piece, a nice slimline trainer creates the perfect balance of looking ‘fashion’ yet ‘sporty’.

If you are going for an all white look – which I think is my personal favourite way to showcase this statement bomber – then a classic shoe like a white converse would look perfect teamed with white jeans and a white tee or polo.

One of the great things about this bomber is that it’s very fitted and not too voluminous. In recent years we’ve seen a lot of oversized, mannish-fit jackets and coats, which create that more street, tomboy feel. This particular example hugs the female form a bit more, which makes it feel a bit prettier and womanly a style than some of the other very day-wear bombers in my collection. It also lends itself well to dressier occasions, as the fit (as well as it’s metallic details) allows it to feel smart-casual as well as casual. It would look awesome teamed with sleek black cigarette pants or with skinny jeans paired with a heel or evening flat.


In the summer months it’s lightweight nylon material and mesh lining will make it an extremely useful and breathable jacket. The warmer weather will mean more opportunities to ditch our jeans and faux leather trousers and swap for playsuits, dresses and skirts. This jacket would look great teamed with A-line skirts, shorts, or placed over dungarees and adorable jumpsuits. It will also great to add an element of cool to a simple dress like this 90’s slip below. A great styling tip, particularly if sticking to a restricted colour palette is to play with texture. The sheen of this dress adds an interesting and reflective element to the outfit.

There are various ways you could create some very cool and chic sports-luxe looks with this striking bomber. It would look awesome thrown over your grey marl yoga or fitness gear, but if you want to turn this into a transitional garment that serves you more months of the year, then you could throw over a hoodie. I have this perfect top which lies somewhere in the middle of sweatshirt and a hoodie. You create an interesting silhouette round the neck and give it an effortless and casual feel ,whilst not covering the statement detail on the back.


Also note the very simple necklace featured in these images. I would personally opt for very discrete jewellery, anything too statement would distract and make the look over complicated.

While I’m promoting fairly minimalist styling for this particular bomber, that doesn’t mean the styling process has to be boring. There are cute ways that you can introduce personal style and nod to trends – whilst keeping maintaining the unfussy overall finish. We’ve seen a lot of cute bows over the last few months, it was all tied up over LFW. It’s very feminine with a nice hit of Parisian chic.

I’ve always loved the combination of orange and blue – they’re opposite each other on the colour wheel so pack a really punch when paired together. If you want to maintain a clean outfit but want to inject a subtle  hit of that winning colour, a nail varnish or tropical lip is a great way of doing so.

I decided to add a baker boy hat to give the outfit an extra oomph. They’re extremely ‘of the momen’t, so of course by next year we may be sick of them, but again it’s a great way to pick up on the metallic features of the bomber and take the look in a different direction.

My favourite Ray Bans with their mirrored lenses look great with this outfit because they fit in with a colour theme, which is cool rather than warm.

Colour Combinations

As soon as I saw the pale cornflower blue of this jacket I thought I’d like to create a pastel or ice cream coloured ensemble – in this case I teamed with a very simple fine-knit in a pale yellow. It’s subtle, but offers more impact than layering over a simple white tee.

If you enjoy quirky element with the way you dress, a top with a contrasting and fun texture will deliver that. The great thing about using this top as a layer underneath is that it can create an alternative neckline line too, in this case adding a furry collar to the outfit.

A navy could also work nicely underneath the bomber. This old cashmere v neck brought the overall brightness down by adding a darker background to the pastel and white bomber.

Of course a well fitted white tee would look classic underneath, but if you want to inject a bit of humour (and do something for a good cause) then this adorable tee by Girl Stole Cancer is a fantastic choice.

There’s a few ideas for you. This was just about my personal style choices, and specifically about right now. But the beauty of fashion is that it should be guided by you, your impulses, persuasions, inspirations, comfort zones, preferences and personality.

Clashing, unpredictable and unexpected is also particularly hot right now, so instead of choosing safety and simplicity you might choose to go down that haphazard style avenue and put some crazy patterns and colours with it. Come festival season I imagine I might end up teaming with denim cut offs a slogan tee and chunky boots. Who knows? All I do know is that I will continue to wear the hell out of it!

Tell me how you would  style it?

This post was NOT sponsored but a big thank you to Airfield for the lovely gift – if you couldn’t tell, I love it!

Studio photos taken by me

Outside shots taken by Kaye Ford

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