I Weathered the Storm

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I’m not fixed. I’m not blissfully happy. Nor am I without stress or anxiety. However, today I am definitely not shrouded or overwhelmed by those dense and heavy dark clouds, just those candy floss whispy ones where the backdrop of blue can be seen pastelled in behind. At times my clarity of thought is diminished by the mist, and sometimes my ability to see through the stretched cotton-wool like water-droplets and towards the sunlight is hindered, but now I at least feel it’s there, and at times I’m even sense it’s warm rays strobe across my face.

What I’m saying is that I seem to have weathered my recent storm. Mirroring actual real-life weather, I fear another storm isn’t too far away. But it’s important I take a moment to acknowledge I survived the recent one, even if it battered my hatches, and left me drowning for a while.

The volatile winds and crashing waves made an impact and left marks . But it’s not all bad. Each time I collate more and more personal meterology information that help me to forecast future turbulance and prepare the most effective survival kit.

I’ve figured out numerous things this time round that I need to do in order to implement my life’s versions of placing sand-bags, sealing windows and doors, and securing my roof tiles.  The next few weeks will very much be about ensuring my ‘house’ is in order till the next hurricane blows through me.

I couldn’t think of a more appropriate piece of clothing to represent the intro to this blog. The lightning bolt symbolising that break-through moment when the cloud breaks, (rather than a scary and penetrating crash – let’s try and be positive eh?) and the epiphany of realising ‘oh, people do care’ and ‘I can get through this’. The fact that this stormy cloud and the charged lightning bolt is made up of sequins is a rather glam nod to the fact that these stormy and seemingly negative moments can actually provide unexpected shimmer and reflection to your life.

But that’s enough of the deep stuff for today, because one of the main things I’m going to do moving forward is give myself a break. As in, allow myself to post more of the’ escapism’ type of content, so I don’t have feel vulnerable and exposed every time I take to the laptop and write a blog. It can be incredibly draining to explore the inner workings of your mind and then attempt to write it down in a way you think people will understand and not find it completely repellant to digest. Plus there’s all that time after you’ve tried to make sense of your thoughts, umming and ahhing and debating whether your brave enough to press publish. I need a break from more often I think, and just want to talk about simple  and trivial things like, you know, loving a t-shirt like this one from Oasis.

A few months ago I was invited to the Oasis press day and although I’ve been doing to high street press days for the last ten years or so this was the first time I’d be invited so I was very excited to see what they had in store (literally) for S/S.

It was such a beautifully curated press day, all displayed in it’s different ranges and themes within an underwater themed venue. I was also given a great overview of the collections and their catwalk inspirations via one of their chief designers, and was so impressed with how they’d interpreted big trends in an accessible and wearable way. I had always been most aware of Oasis for it’s femininity, beautiful use of colour, and in particular it’s occasion wear, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how many pieces were in tune with my current style – both day and evening-wear. I feel like it’s fate that we connected properly now, because I feel we are a far better match than we would have been in the past. I’m also hoping this yellow vintage style dress below will be my outfit for a California wedding in August.

There was some incredible summer suiting, incorporating shorts instead of the usual trouser – worn with belt purses (or posh bumbags). There was great denim too – 90’s style pieces, statement jackets with embellishments, embroidery and beadwork, and some in fun candy hues. There was amazing slip dresses that someone like me would just love to grunge up – but would look just as amazing worn in an angelic and ethereal way. I adored the romantic and delicate floral midi dresses, the statement stripes, the oversized gingham, the clashing colour blocking, the cute holiday accessories and all the tropical prints. Make sure you keep an eye on their site to see all these amazing styles start to appear now that the clocks have gone forward.

But today’s post is dedicated to this show-stopping breton. I’m one of those girls that doesn’t think you can have enough stripey tops. I’ll always find something about one hanging on a rail that will  make it an essential or necessary purchase, whether it be the colour combo, the the fit, the sleeve length or how sheer it is. I just think they’re one of the most useful and versatile items you can own and make you look put together but effortless at the same time. They look great with jeans, look perfect with A-line denim skirts, look fab teamed with khaki slacks, look adorable under dungarees….Basically, they look incredible with everything.

So we’ve established I pretty much love them all, but this one is definitely in a league of it’s own, it’s got sequins and sparkling stones for goodness sake! I mean….it’s simply adorable isn’t it. Just the right level of ‘extra’ for me.

100% cotton, It feels really good quality too, with a very close knit and a fit that’s flatteringly level 0f oversized and boxy. At £26 I think it’s very good value particularly, when you consider the embellishment detail and how many wears you will get out of it due to it’s versatility.

So for once I’m going to keep my ramblings fairly brief and just let you scroll through the two different looks I created with this cloud striped tee as the starting piece. Let me know which is your favourite in the comments!

This is not sponsored but a big thank you to Oasis for sending me this tee – clearly I love it. P.S this is the Oasis suit I bought in the sale around new year’s that I blogged about before. It’s still going strong. 


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